How to Remap Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Bixby Button Remapping

Samsung’s Personal Assistant ‘Bixby’ is now doubt one of the smartest personal assistants we have seen along with Google Assistant and Siri. Bixby was launched 2 years ago with Galaxy S8 and continued with many flagships of the company. But the only pain with the same was it comes with dedicated Bixby button which gets tapped and launched accidentally most of the times. And that irritates a lot. Also the bigger pain was, there wasn’t any way to disable Bixby.

But now, during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 and its hands-on, we users figured out some options that let’s us play with Bixby’s dedicated button and its command. Which also means, finally we can now Remap the Bixby button to Single or Double Tap and also assign some other specific app or any Quick commands. Well, that’s really a big relief to Galaxy users.

As Samsung said, “Now, you can customize the button to launch Bixby with either a single or double press, and map the other option to launch your favorite app or Quick command.” Well, that was pre-loaded with Galaxy S10, but it was said that after a software update, this Bixby Remapping feature will also be available for older Galaxy phones that have Bixby and running on Android 9 Pie.

And guess what, Samsung has now updated Bixby in its Galaxy Store which means it now works on older devices too. The Galaxy device that support Bixby remapping are as follows:

  •  Galaxy note 8
  •  Galaxy note 9
  •  Galaxy S8, S8 plus
  •  Galaxy S9, S9 plus
  •  Galaxy S10, S10 plus, S10E

Lots of users are confused about how to get this feature in their respective devices. So let’s make it quite clear for you. The feature as stated by Samsung will work automatically on all Samsung devices which are using Android 9.0 and user doesn’t have to do any extra effort for installing it. Those who are still unsure about it, to make sure your device about the latest Bixby updates installed. Open the galaxy store and click on three dots on the top right corner, after that go to My page and then click on updates. If updates will appear on screen then your device does not yet have Bixby feature, download the update and enjoy the feature on your device after successful installation.

How to Remap Bixby Button:

Now the next question is how this feature will work or how to use it? After successfully installing the update all you have to do is a single or double tap on Bixby and open it. In some of Samsung devices it will open in a single tap and maybe in some, it will open in the double tap. So that is perfectly fine.

Remap Samsung Bixby Button

  • After that select, the three dot icon then go on setting and then click on the Bixby key.
  • Now users have two options to use Bixby key, you can activate your personal assistant on your hand by single or double tap. And the other option is interesting by allowing the setting to open the application of your choice.
  • It can open the app of your choice in a single tap. Other than this feature will allow you to use Bixby Quick command. This prebuilt Bixby quick command gives you the opportunity to customize your own action in a device. Apart from this, it allows you to take action on certain actions like disabling DND, allow the device to read your calendar loud and turning on the always on display.

Apart from all the interesting features it is offering, it came up with one limitation. As the feature will not allow you to access the Google Assistant feature as your device is already assigned to Samsung’s personal assistant. However, this will not be going to a major problem for the user, because Bixby will totally work as Google Assistant. Just in case, if you don’t want Bixby at all, or want to Disable Bixby completely, check this guide.

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