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Are you prepared enough to face the evil Twin Sisters in this action-adventure First-Person Shooter game developed by Ubisoft ? The all new Far Cry New Dawn, which is also the direct sequel of Far Cry 5, is rocking the gaming consoles including PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One.

The game is based in Montana of Hope County, seventeen years after the nuclear attack where few survivors are trying to rebuild their world using the left over resources, but the twin sisters named Mickey and Lou who are also the leaders of vicious group of scavengers known as the Highwaymen want all those resources for them. Can you help the survivors to fight against these sisters? Remember, they are the baddest villain of the Far Cry series so far.

Here is a new Save Game file for Far Cry New Dawn which is also 100% completed and brings you Story missions 22 pf 22, Homebase fully upgraded, Side missions 6 of 8, Outposts 6 of 30, Treasure hunts 10 of 10, Guns for hire 8 of 8, Perks 30 of 30, Free perks points 98 and Challenges 43 of 105. Download it from below and extract at the proper save location. You can also download the Save file we shared earlier.

Far Cry New Dawn Save Game

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