How to Hide Your Mobile Number on WhatsApp – Chat Anonymously

Hide Number on WhatsApp

Are you a private person?? Do you want to keep your number private but still want to use WhatsApp?

Ummm.. Does it sound like impossible? Well, it is not. You can actually hide your private number and can continue to use WhatsApp services without making it visible to your contact list. Yes, it is possible!! In this article, I will tell you the trick using which you can chat anonymously with anyone on WhatsApp. You should also check: How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contact Number

Generally, what happens is, after installing WhatsApp on your phone, you need to register your phone number in order to start using the services. It is a mandatory step and you have to register a working phone number, there is no shortcut or trick to jump through. This number is then visible to everyone in your contact list and to whom you send messages to. There is no way hiding it.

BUT, this is not the reason why you are here… Right!

Every one of us has privacy concerns and not every person is comfortable in sharing private number with others. There can be any reason for that and it is completely fine!! So, without further do, let’s start!

To work with the trick, you will need your old or alternate number which you no longer use or you’re comfortable in sharing it with numbers added in your contact list as well as any other number. Basically you will be registering your WhatsApp on this old public number and will continue to use its service.

Don’t get confused as WhatsApp already has a feature to inform all your contacts in case you’ve changed your number, but this is only helpful when you are willing to inform others about your new number and you have no problem in sharing it with others. Trick here we are talking about is to hide your private number.

With the help of the following steps, you can use WhatsApp without sharing you private number with your contacts.

  • Get yourself a new number which you don’t want to share with everyone and keep it private.
  • Take out your old /alternate simcard and insert it in another phone. You will be receiving OTP SMS on it.
  • Insert this new sim card in your device.
  • Now, uninstall WhatsApp from your current phone.
  • Next step is to re-install WhatsApp again. And in the registration process, you will be asked to fill a valid number. Now, fill in your old number and wait for the OTP which you will get on another phone in which you’ve inserted your alternate phone number.
  • After the verification process you will be registered with a public number on WhatsApp to use its service.

And voila!! In this way, you will be using all useful service of WhatsApp and at the same time you will be able to hide your number.

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