How to Send Self-Destructing Emails Using Gmail Confidential Mode

Gmail Confidential Mode

Google has now made it possible and secure to send confidential and private emails via Gmail with its new confidential mode. Here, you will get to know everything about the same. What is Gmail Confidential Mode? How to use it?? Each and Every question will be answered. Keep reading.

Earlier, it was a risky affair to send the private information and confidential mails to others. There were chances that someone you don’t trust could access it and could also use it against you. So, basically there was threat to the unwanted access and piracy of your information.

But, now you don’t need to worry about all this at all. As Google already sensed your concerns and finally… finally updated its security features. This is an attempt to make Gmail services more secure and trustworthy. You can have the access to this new feature everywhere, be it Gmail’s official site and its Android as well as IOS apps.


Gmail has introduced this confidential mode in order to protect your private data. When you send mails in the confidential mode, it automatically gets deleted from the recipient’s inbox, after the expiration time that is set by you. Note that it will be deleted no matter in which folder the recipient moves it.

The expiration time is set explicitly by the sender and can be set in any range between 1 day to 5 years. You can set it accordingly as you want. To make it a bit more secure, Gmail has provided a locking feature in the confidential mode. The mail send by the sender can be secured with a password which is sent via SMS or via email. Both the options are available.

So, in this way, users are provided with a two-layer protection.

When you send mail in Confidential Mode, also known as ‘self-destruct mail’, the receiver will not be able to forward it, save it, copy or print it. He will be informed when the set time gets expired. Receiver will not be able to access the mail once it gets expired.


  • Open the Gmail compose box. The Confidential Mode is situated at the bottom of the compose box.

Gmail Confidential Mode Option

  • Fill in the recipient’s email id, and put up your message content as usual.
  • At this point, you can also use the lock feature if you want. The unlock passcode will be sent by you via sms or email, whichever you prefer.
  • After this, set the expiration duration ranging between 1 day to 5 year. The mail will be deleted automatically after the expiration date set by you.
  • NOTE: Even though the mail will be deleted from receiver’s inbox, but it will still remain in your sent box. So don’t forget to delete it if you really don’t want to leave a single trace.
  • ow, send the mail as usual.

In this way you can send your mails in confidential mode. The recipients will receive the mail with a note showing the expiration date. The Receiver can only reply in the CONFIDENTIAL MODE, all other options like forward, download, copy, save etc. are automatically disabled for the mail and the attachments in it.

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