PUBG Mobile gets Age Limit: Find Out If You are Eligible to Play PUBG

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The battle royale game PUBG has already broke the benchmark of popularity among gamers, specially mobile users all across the globe. Like it is said, Something is too good to be true, same applies to PUBG. A lot of complaints has been registered on the forum that how this game is causing mental health and disturbance among users, usually in teens and kids.

The game is easily accessible for young millennial because of its free availability on android and ios and it is next to impossible to keep kids stay away from the cell phones. Considering the PUBG addiction among youngsters, reports have been surfacing on the internet which implies that Maharashtra and Gujarat government already banned PUBG in their respective states for kids. But it seems like addiction of this game is not a problem of just India alone, but other countries too. According to some sources, its being claimed that recently Chinese government has taken a huge action against developers by asking them to impose an age restriction in PUBG.

One of the reports released by says, the government gave authority to Tencent to put a digital lock in a game which is only accessed by their guardian to keep kids away from the game. However this digital lock will impose on some of the games in China. It will ban the user under 13 from playing the game.

Developers had shown some mercy on kids by allowing guardian access to the digital lock, it means when your kids want to play a game the guardian need to unlock it. Tencent is working on the game to make it more secure and user-friendly. Recently they also added a face recognition and player id to check the age of their gamers. This feature is available on games like Honour of kings and many other games in China. They are providing their full support to the Chinese government.

In the last couple of years, they put many restrictions on minors by allowing them to play for only an hour in a day. This giant game tech understands the sensitivity of issue which is prevailing among kids. Mental health is something which can’t be ignored for long and action against it must be taken. Gaming is something which is for fun and entertainment and if they are doing the opposite of what they supposed to be meant that it’s not worth it.

Many of news regarding addiction to games were surfacing all over the internet in last months. The report released by Tencent is in full support of the Chinese government and they will make sure to make the game more secure and stress-busting for users. This news indeed is a big relief for guardians.

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