8 Best Camera Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S10 You Must Know

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 has surprising features with its camera too. The camera is powered up with all new hidden and surprising features. It allows you to zoom out the target before clicking the snap by doing some taps on a screen. To make the best possible use of your Galaxy S10’s camera, here we are discussing some handy tips and tricks. Using this hidden Camera tricks on your Galaxy S10, you can be a Pro Photographer.

Take Ultra-Wide Photos

The third camera provided on both Galaxy S10 and S10+. The purpose of the rear camera is to take ultra wide angle photo. This feature is so interesting and helps you to click in certain situations.

To start this new feature on your device tap on the icon with three trees on your phone, this is possibly available above the shutter button and shooting modes.

In Galaxy S10+ to launch this feature open the second camera, which started working as an ultra-wide camera when you will tap two trees icon on a screen.

Scene Optimizer

This is a new feature of a device. When you enabled the scene optimizer, the phone starts taking a bright image even in dark. Other than this it also adds starburst flares in the background.

To launch this feature you have to click on setting icon then tap on Screen optimizer. Lots of option would appear on this, choose accordingly.

Shot Suggestions

This feature will suggest you the best shot, in short, the feature will give every possible effort to make a picture look more beautiful and elegant.

How to recognize shot suggestion in your device? It is not that much difficult when you take a photo, you will notice a white circle and white ball on the viewfinder. Keep line up the ball with circle until you capture a great snap.

Before doing this you have to enable this feature on phone, to enable this go to setting icon in viewfinder then select shot selection and simply enable it.

Get more out of Live focus.

As you all knew a device is capable of capturing portrait and bokeh mode by blurring the background. Other than this it also allows you to adjust the intensity and type that would be necessary for the background.

The new effects include in the device are spin bokeh, zoom bokeh, blur and color print. When you enable the live focus mode on the device, you will soon notice the new changes. slider button also starts appearing above the shutter button. You can apply this and notice the change within your camera in no time.

The thing which is most likable about this feature is that after clicking a photo in particular mode if you don’t like it, you can change it by simply editing in a gallery and pick any other mode.

Edit available Camera Modes

Various camera modes are available in a device such as live, super slo-mo, photo etc. so you can simply edit it by going on camera modes in setting icon. You can edit the modes, select accordingly.

Capture a GIF

This feature will allow you to create your own personal Gif in a phone without the help of the third party. to enable it to go to the camera setting then tap on the camera button, then select create a gif.

Bixby Vision

Bixby vision will allow you to connect with real-world image.

AR Emoji

This option is available right next to Bixby emotion. This feature is for fun purpose, it will create the cartoon image of you. In this when you click the selfie the feature will allow a phone to come up with a cartoon character that will look like you. You can customize that image and can use as a sticker in other apps.

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