8 Pro Tips for Gaming PC: How to To Optimize Your PC for Gaming

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Most of the time PC gamers are unaware of their PC configuration and hence, they have to struggle with system optimization for its smooth working and mainly having the better gaming experience. While, some of configurations are automatic, some requires little bit of effort for manual configuration. Here, we will provide you five best and effective ways by which you can optimize your PC for better gaming experience.

Here is how you can Optimize your PC for Gaming:

1. Keep Track On Unnecessary Background Processes:

The first and foremost step you should always do is to keep your PC clean. You keep installing number of application on system and some of them can run their background process even when you haven’t initiated them.

These backgrounds process do nothing but hinders your system’s speed.

For the same reason, always close down unnecessary applications while playing games. We also recommend playing on a freshly rebooted system. It ensures that there are no running background processes.

2. Use Updated Drivers:

If you are struggling with the slow speed while gaming, then the reason for this can be your out-dated drivers. Always keep your drivers updated in order to have smooth and speedy working of your system.

Moreover, be very selective while picking the right drivers for your gaming. As an example, if you are a hardcore gamer, then Intel graphics are not suitable for you. Intel graphics are not meant for heavy gaming. Also, make sure that

As for the graphics drivers, be especially your sound drivers are supported by your game.

3. Enable the Game Mode:

In order to speed up your system, make sure you have enabled the game mode. Enabling the game mode will make your system to focus on gaming and will slow down other unnecessary background processes.

4. Always Get The Latest Version Of Games:

As you know, the up-to-date applications as well as games are loaded with features and are free from bugs and issues that may exist in previous versions.

The video game developers always focus on fixing the bugs of their video games and hence, throw various updated versions. So, always get yourself the latest version of the game.

This will help you in having best gaming experience.

5. Upgrade Your Hardware:

The games generally come with a requirement list. There are software as well as hardware requirements. Most importantly, games require a lot of space like minimum 6 GB of RAM. Also, your system’s GPU might be too old. No matter how much you configure your system, it will not work up to the mark because its hardware is too old.

This means, in order to optimize your device to use it maximally and to have better gaming experience, you may need to update your hardware.

Increasing your RAM and upgrading the GPU is a good idea.

6. Overclock your GPU

There are many GPU overclocking tools available in the market nowadays. All you need to do is to find an appropriate tool for your GPU. Overclocking the GPU will help you a lot if you are struggling with your graphics card.

However, overclocking can sometimes result in heating and power issues in the system. So, be careful with your cooling system otherwise you may end up facing abnormal shutdowns during playing session.

For power issues, adjust your power and disable animations, live pictures etc.

7. Defragment Your Hard disk:

This is one of the best ways to optimize your PC. Our system works by writing data on disk every time when we do something. When this happens, the information on the disk gets fragmented which result in preventing hard disk from giving full performance while picking portions of a particular game. At this juncture, defragging comes in play.

8. Have Speedy Internet Connection:

Your Internet speed can be the reason behind slow speed while playing a game.

Internet is the most fundamental requirement of the games. Majority of the games requires a speedy Internet connection, throughout the session.  Therefore, to have better result and gaming speed, increasing your internet speed.

Moreover, apart from following these tips, adjust your power settings because the games generally requires a lot of power and disable any animation, live wallpapers to save power. Also, maintain your device physically. Keep it clean and upgraded.

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