5 Best Tablet With USB Port 2024

While purchasing a tablet for your personal use, it’s worth considering having a USB port. If it comes with USB port, it’ll allow you to use your tab’s screen on your large HDTV.

That means you’re all set to enjoy your favorite movies, music, and whatever you like on a big screen that you can operate from your tab. Also, if you like to get something more from your PC without getting lost of your tab’s flexibility then a USB port can help you.

It allows you to use a keyboard that can avail the most benefits of a PC. This is why we invite you to go through our review to find your desired piece of a tablet that comes with USB ports.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Image source: amazon.com

This tab has some great features that allow you to go through different options. As a result, you’ll be able to customize it according to your needs. It comes with an option of the anti-glare coat while you can work out even there is no light along with a 12.3” screen. This touchscreen tab has a resolution of 2736X1824 pixels.

This resolution ensures you vivid, clear, and colorful images. Since it has the slot of a Micro SD card, you can upgrade the capacity of the tab anytime. Also, it has a stylus pen that’s so responsive to touch lightly on its surface. With this slim, compact, and light in weight, this tab has 16GB storage that’s extendable up to 256GB.

Also, it allows switching to your laptop from the tab while snapping on its keyboard along with Kickstand of multi-position for higher flexibility. Because of being very light in weight, it’s easy to pick and take wherever you want.


  • Lightweight device
  • Powerful design
  • Different customized options
  • Anti-glare coating


  • The issue to make it wake up from sleeping mode

2. Lenovo Tab 4, 8″ Android Tablet

Image source: amazon.com

This is a type of tab that has designed to give you an experience of watching theatre-like HD display with its larger 8-inch screen. The front-side speaker settings with a strong and powerful along with the dual-mode sound system, the tab is simply great to make you the expression ‘wow’ at first sight.

The tab comes with two different sizes of screen and connection options with Cellular LTE. While using the Lenovo Kid’s Pack, you can turn the tab into a kid-friendly device that will provide you a sticker, blue-screen filtration, and bumper for shock-resistant for extended durability.

Also, you’ll find multi-user’s function with multi-space along with this tab that has packed with a feature of multi-account. You’ll get superior capabilities and performance because of its faster Quad-core 64-bit Snapdragon processor with long-lasting, up to 20-hour, battery life with a single charge.


  • Lightweight just under 2lbs
  • Multiple users’ account
  • Easy to convert as a kid’s tab
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Tab gets slower with limited RAM

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Image source: amazon.com

Featuring with a 10.1-inch screen of higher resolution, this tab comes with a great speaker and iOS running system. Its extraordinary speaker system has made it a perfect choice for you while you’re fond of streaming music and shows. Also, you’ll find it with a long-lasting battery life that’s easy and quick to charge.

While shopping this tab, you’ll get some more things as a bonus. These include a Micro SD card, travel adapter, and cable. If you use the bonus SD card slot, you can extend the memory up to 200GB without compromising with its faster performance.

You’ll get a 1.6GHz Exynos processor based on Octa-core 7870 with 2GB RAM and 16GB built-in storage. Coming with a camera of rear-facing that will allow you to get sharp and clean pictures. Also, it has various connectivity including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro USB, and USB.


  • Various ways to connect with the internet
  • Larger screen with higher resolution
  • Rear-facing camera
  • Bonus Micro SD card slot


  • Non-removable pre-installed apps

4. Fusion5 10.6″ Android Tablet Pc

Image source: amazon.com

You’ll get an HD/Full HD screen while choosing the Fusion 5, which is an Android-supported Tablet PC. Coming with a 5MP rear and 2MP front-facing amazing cameras, the tab allows you to get great images and videos as well.

You can use this tab with multiple users that support the 2GB RAM and large storage space. The main processor of the tab has made with a strong and high-performing Octa-Core processor. Because of its graphic processor of the Octa-Core, it’s one of the powerful Android-supported tabs.

Also, you have the option to add more space adding a memory card while using a Micro SD card slot. This USB supported tab allows you to connect with some other ways like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Another great thing about the tab is that it’ll offer you a 12-month long warranty for damage and failure.


  • Available in HD & Full HD screen
  • Clear images & videos
  • USB supported
  • One-year warranty


  • Lagging issue while multitasking

5. Dragon Touch X10 10.6-Inch Octa Core CPU Android Tablet

Image source: amazon.com

Featuring with a large 10-inch brilliant display along with SmartColor Tech, the TouchX10 offers you a screen angle of 178 degrees. This angling option allows you to make things simple that enables you to share your screen with others.

Because of its multi-touch technology, it’s easy to work with at a faster pace that will give you great user experience. The tab comes with Google Play as pre-installed, which is allowing you to get access to lots of useful apps. These include Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.


  • 10-point large screen with multi-touch
  • 178-degree tilting capabilities
  • Great cameras
  • Mini port of HDMI


  • A bit heavier and larger


The above-reviewed products will provide you with flexibility as portability with USB support. Also, they function as a game controller or keyboard while having a USB plugin. Because of having a USB port with all of them, you’ll be able to do more things with them other than the ordinary tabs that have no USB port.

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