Android Q Beta Coming to More Non-Pixel Smartphones

Android Q Beta

Android 9.0 Pie hit the market and all the new devices are running on it. the first preview of Android P was released in March. The second android P developer preview which is also known as Android P beta released in May last year at Google I/o. the beta programs has several OEMs.

Google is now preparing to launch Android Q, and prefers the same kind of approach for Q. However right now it is quite early to say anything about it, but rumors are Google is planning to release its first preview this month and by the end of May chances are high that it will showcase Android Q beta   (developer version) at Google i/o 2019.

Earlier Google used to release its early beta version only for Google pixel series, but last year breaking their stereotype they launched its access for non- pixel devices for the very first time. The companies which got access to early beta version were Nokia, Oppo, OnePlus, Sony, Vivo, Essential and Xiaomi along with getting advance prior access to the latest version of Android.

This year Google planned to open a window for many more brands.

Recently the statement from Google’s executive is surfacing all over the internet in which he assured that soon many more brands and Smartphone will going to join the all-new Android Q beta venture. Google is working round the clock to make it available on many more devices.


According to sources, the information is released by the employee Iliyan Malchev, who is working on the project itself. The information shared by the employee is during the session of android Developer Backstage Podcast, he stated that the many major Smartphone Company are approaching them for Android Q Beta Programme, the number is going to be huge which will be a huge surprise for everyone. So it is quite clear from the statement that most of the users will get benefit from this as the earlier version will be accessible.

Hence the thing to keep in mind that the early beta release by Google is quite unstable and it will take more time to get ready. So if you are planning to use it on your primary phones, it will put a lot of features on a device on hold. It is suggested by the gadgets experts and makers itself to not load your primary device with early beta version because it may affect your device productivity and performance. The program is strictly meant to the independent application developer to access the operating system fully and noticed the problem it is causing in their secondary devices. Basically, it is available for testing purpose.

It is yet not clear which major company is going to be on board with a new venture of Google. The official list of companies for Android Q beta program is to be released by the end of this year.

Recently XDA developers have released the Google issue tracker for Android Q beta. You can see the issues found till date on the official website of the company.

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