Take Better Pictures By Porting Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Install

Samsung S10 Google Camera Port

Google Pixel 3 camera is one of a kind. It is considered as the best camera ever in a Smartphone even it comes with just one single camera. The thing which makes it different from other already existing phone camera is its HDR and low light shots. Thanks to the industry leading techniques Google used to make it happen.

So many developers have been successful to port Google Camera app to other devices. Thankfully, now even the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e too can use this camera app. Yes, you read it correct. Google Camera App now can also be ported to Samsung Galaxy S10 family. This feature will allow Portrait mode, HDR+ and night sight shot, other than this the perk is you can use Galaxy’s S10 wide angle lens with it too.

According to gadgets expert, with this port of Google Camera app in S10 series, the quality of camera become far better. Many of the users who are using its camera are very happy with its quality. According to them, the Night Sight mode can blow people’s mind. The feature of the Google Pixel port is far better than Samsung’s Bright night mode. Recently the survey also was done about the Google Camera port in which questions had been asked to their regular users and they shared their experience about this feature.

There are many Galaxy S10 users asking how they can use Google Camera App in their Samsung S10 phones. XDA developers are currently working on an application which will allow this feature to use in respective Samsung devices.

One of the XDA User tested Google Camera Port in His Samsung Galaxy S10+. He captured a couple of pictures to compare with the camera application of the device. The conclusion was if you really looking for better details in the camera then go for Google port application while Samsung camera application has a strong HDR halo effect. Samsung camera will provide better picture while on the other hand Google camera port pay lot of attention to background details.

How to Install Google Camera port on Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, or S10+

If you want to install the Google camera port feature in your respective Galaxy S10 series devices, here is a detailed instruction. Before doing this, make sure you have installed the Day One Update on your S10 phones. The update which added Bixby Remapping feature to S10 series.

  1. Download the all-new Google Camera Apk and Config Files for saved settings.
  2. After that install the application on your Snapdragon Galaxy S series
  3. After successful download extract the config files into the root folders, the file path you must follow is Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/
  4. After extracting files open the application and next to the shutter button double tap
  5. From the options appearing, select s10csMar2.xml
  6. Tap on restore option
  7. Then keep enjoying the feature on your Samsung devices.

This feature on your Samsung device will not disappoint you for sure. It is one of the best features in android. Chances are high updates of this feature will hit the market soon.

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