How to Find And Delete Duplicate Files On Your PC

Find and Delete Duplicate Files

When it comes to remove the duplicate files lying down on our Posit requires a whole lot of effort. Duplicate files take a lot of space and cause inefficient working system. Finding and deleting duplicate files and freeing up the space manually is a hectic work.

Why is it important to remove duplicate files?

Duplicate files take a lot of space on your system and hinder the performance and also create a hotchpotch in the folders. These files locate themselves at the hidden places on your PC and thus making it difficult to find them out to free some space and to boost the performance. When you start finding them and deleting them on your own, chances is you may end up deleting some other files which are not really duplicate and hence, you may suffer loss of data.

In this article, we will tell you about some useful softwares that will not only find the duplicate files but also delete them very very easily. So without further do, let’s start!

1. Duplicate File Finder:

Duplicate File Finder

Simply, install the program and select the folder in which you want to check duplicate files. After scanning, it will show the list of the duplicate files which you can delete.

2. Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner

Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner

Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner will scan all the files on your PC like photos, music, films, video, and Word documents and will show the unwanted junk files that you can select and delete.

3. VisiPics:


As the name already suggests, this software is used to find out the duplicate photos lying on your system.
All you need to do is to install the app and select the main folder in which you want to find duplicate pictures. This app will compare the photos and provide you the duplicate one which you can select and remove.

4. CCleaner:

ccleaner duplicate finder

Install CCleaner software on your PC, and simply run it. Now, select the folder you want to scan and you will also need to pick ‘Tools’ from panel and click on Duplicate Finder.

5. Easy Duplicate Finder:

Easy Duplicate Finder

This software works in the same fashion as the above mentioned softwares. You need to install the software and then select the folder you want to scan.

6. DupeGuru:


This software works little differently than rest of the softwares mentioned above.

Go to DupeGuru’s official website and download it. After installing, click on ‘+’ to select the drive/folder you wish to scan. It will perform a deep scan. This tool is available for all of the major and after scanning it will highlight the duplicate files, now you can select and delete theme.

DupeGuru works for all platforms including Windows, Mac and even Linux.

7. CloneSpy:

Install Clone Spy on your PC and run it. It will also require a folder to scan and after scanning, it will display all the duplicate files. Select on the marked files and delete them.

Another good thing about these software is that they are absolutely FREE!!

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