PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 with whopping Rs. 14 crore Prize Money: Here’s How to Register

PUBG Mobile Open Club 2019

Recently an announcement is made by Tencent Games that will bring happiness among the PUBG fans. They have announced PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 competition. The entire event will take around a year to finalize the winner and of course in completion of its matches.

In the final round, there will be two teams consisting Pro and Semi Pro teams who will compete with each other for whopping $2 Million prize money, that is approximately 14 Crores Indian Rupees. The entire event is divided into two halves namely Spring Split and Fall Split. July is considered to be the month when the Spring Split Global finals will take place.

In year 2018, the mega event has around 230 million view online and over 5,000 attendees during the finals which was held in Dubai. The winner of the game was RPQ Athena.

Rules of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019:

  • The players who has acquired Platinum rank at the end of last session can take part in the competition.
  • The three players in the team formed should be from the region they are playing the game.
  • The registration started on 8th of March 2019 and will end on 18th March 2019.
  • Those who want to register for the game, who fulfills the criteria, can register online from the official site of the game.

The upcoming update of the game will have a additional challenge which will be called the “Bonus Challenge”. The new update of the game will be version 0.11.0 update. The update 0.11.0 will also get a new exciting feature for fans where they can convert their battle cash to known Cash. And if you didn’t get what is unknown cash. Them don’t worry!

Getting Unknown cash means getting access to Rare weapon skins and Unique outfits. Note that the bonus challenge is for Solo players and not for the entire team squad. The player has to acquire any among these two i.e. Unknown Cash or Player Challenge to enter the challenge.

Players can fight in the challenge on three levels. The levels included in the game are – Novice, Adept and Expert. Whenever a player kills an enemy, which each kill he will receive points that can be further used to get UC packs or the cosmetic items. Right now, we do not have official date for the release of the update 0.11.0.

Prior to Tencent Games, Mr. Ghost Gaming has informed us about the Bonus Challenge. Recently a video has been uploaded around the web which will provide the exact picture of the massive event occurring in July.

So, the scoring among the player is directly depending on the levels of the game. There are three levels as informed earlier also.

  • Novice
  • Adept
  • Experts

Whenever a player from Novice Bonus Challenge kills a enemy, he will get a score point of 15 points while the if the player from Adept Bonus Challenge kills a enemy, he will get a score of 30 points. Last by not the least, If the player is playing in Expert Bonus Challenge then he will get 45 points. One point is equivalent to one coin and one can earn up to 1,500 points.

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