Google Stadia is Not the Future of Gaming, But Future of YouTube

Google Stadia Controller

Recently Google announced its all new cloud based service, Google Stadia. As per the demonstration and announcement, it was suppose to be a revolution of the Gaming industry as Google claimed, but people are left with so many doubts and confusion.

The very first question arise in people’s mind is, why all of a sudden Google is putting their steps in the gaming industry? Google has lots of it in its plate like web search, ads, browser, OS, etc. so why to create another source to dominate the rest of the gaming industry?

We all know that we are all covered and surrounded by Google. They have their eyes on every user in one way or other. On the bright side, this step of Google will bring change in the gaming industry for sure. As claimed, Stadia going to be a big change in the gaming industry.

The thing which is drawing user attention towards Stadia is the involvement of YouTube. We all are very well aware of YouTube. YouTube is known to be a world of creativity and a very first platform to showcase your talent. Many people earn from YouTube and how can we forget about the gaming legend PewDiePie. We all know YouTube is users last and first place when trouble knocks on the door. They search for cheat codes, tricks etc on YouTube.

A lot of experts think that Google’s Stadia project is all pumped up; they are building the best gaming home for their users. As far as we know, around 200 million people logged in daily to watch gaming content which eventually generates the biggest market for the ad world. About YouTube, in 2018 itself more than 50 billions of hours were only spent on gaming content.

From the gamers point of view, YouTube is the steering wheel of Google and from Google’s perspective, it is a game which is keeping YouTube alive.

Many Game creators such as Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and Nvidia took a high road by moving on to the cloud. So it is quite obvious when the changes will happen, users may find it difficult to deal with as Stadia is offering new features like sharing of games within the platform itself etc. competitors of Google are already keeping eye on it, recently Microsoft and Sony allow a sharing features in their consoles. Taking one steps forward they already start building their platform on the cloud so they are removing YouTube. On the other hand, YouTube is creating a business for those who love to play games and can give 2-3 hours of a day to it.

Google and YouTube going hand on hand on Stadia. Lots of videos on YouTube is making sure that how stadia will make the gaming world better and how it is going to rollercoaster ride for people. We can’t ignore the fact that stadia will build a connection between YouTube creators and Audience.

Google Stadia Controller

Google’s Priorities on Stadia Controller

The feature which is more talked about Stadia Controller is that they provided unique buttons, the company mentioned it on top, one is for screen capturing and other is for Google assistant. There is a black surface on top which is printed in crisp. The capture button provided is to share on YouTube without any disturbance. While the assistant button is to guide the user throughout the game, it doesn’t allow the user to end the game, they can seek help anytime.

The reason behind these Stadia is Google is the only company who already has strong Cloud infrastructure that only a few companies can match. Google CEO Sundar Pichai not only summarized the benefit of Stadia but also gave clear indications about its future. He stated that

“Our custom server hardware and data centers can bring more computing to more people on planet Earth than anyone else.”

The structure of Google is totally built on data centers, server farms and high bandwidth fiber optics connections which link themselves into the internet. Google already mastered the experience of running multi-billion user cloud services without any disturbance, other than this chances are high that platform gets spammed with the games joining in.

Stadia Data Center

Google is using YouTube as a shield against their competitors. We all knew that Google has stopped YouTube services with Microsoft phone. However, the application is blocked on Windows phone and Microsoft already stopped making windows phone. Other than this we are also aware of Google’s dispute with Amazon. They temporarily stopped YouTube access from Amazon Echo for a while. To fight the competition with Google it is likely that Amazon and Microsoft will come with a better plan to dominate Google.

Google has come so far in this race, it started with a mere search company, then steady and slowly they build a whole empire. Since starting the only motive of Google is to dominate the market. First, they removed Microsoft’s internet explorer with their Chrome web browser. After that, they tried their hand on the operating system. They created Android and Chrome Os. The only motive is to not get ruled by other companies.

So there is no doubt about Google’s action with YouTube. Google is adopting the same strategy with Stadia and YouTube. Google already sensed the future they knew very well that cloud gaming must be a future in gaming. So they took one advance step, instead of cooperating with other competitors they want to own this territory too. YouTube is a gamer’s second option to look upon. By this, they knew they will definitely earn the huge profit and it’s definitely going to be hit.

As of now, we can only predict what is going to happen with these two, but it’s for sure nobody’s boat is sinking. Stadia will release any time in 2019. After release, we can give an honest review of the same. Till now we have to wait and hope for the best.

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