Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Turned to be the Best Launch of Steam in 2019

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Steam

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is a typical game grabbing lots of user’s attention on Steam. Some might find it scary but still, players not losing their grip on it. The newest release from FromSoftware hit the ground, and the game has already increased its level on Valve’s PC Gaming Store. The game is considered to be the best launch of Steam so far this year and reason might be because of peak concurrent players.

One of the internal research on steam revealed that Sekiro alone crosses the bar of 108,000 players in this year. This news is considered as the biggest achievement of Steam of this year. A year is just on its starting and that number of concurrent player in the starting is a party for the game. Sekiro breaks the record of Devil May Cry 5 which had a record of 89,000 people on its launch day. Even the game is ahead of Resident Evil 2 which had 74000 players on its launch day.

If you pay slight attention to steam then you will notice that all the biggest new release on the platform is from a Japanese developer. They are contributing seriously in Steam. However Western studios too launch their large games after January 1 but still some games such as Metro: Exodus, Anthem, and The Division 2 are only available on EA’s Origin or Epic Games Store.

A lot of people were contemplating about a large number of audiences present on Steam. Sekiro is as far is the biggest hit of 2019. The game is considered as the third best release of Japan. There is no doubt that steam has a lot of Japanese audiences. The game already beat the Metal Gear Solid V and The Phantom Pain, it has 91,000 concurrent in it. Sekiro is behind in the race with Monster Hunter: World and Dark Souls 3.

About the monster hunter: World first hit the Steak back in August on Steam, the game was a huge success and set a record as the best launch of Japanese game over steam. It unbelievably achieves the huge number of players by breaking a set of massive 207,000 Concurrent players. and by doing this it achieved the title of best release of 2018.

Talking about Dark Souls 3 is the launch of FromSoftware. It had set the limit of 129,000 concurrent players on its launch itself.

But Sekiro is considered different from the above two because it doesn’t involve the brand recognition of Dark Souls. It is way past than soul games, clearly, they are trying to disconnect themselves from Souls Games in a different number of ways. For starters, Sekiro is breaking the stereotype. Many people had already claimed that Sekiro is not following its predecessor. They are setting their levels among users. But after all many of the users on steam love Japanese game and they showed their huge support for the game.

As the game is just released, a lot of things about this game is still waiting to reach out to its audience.

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