15 Awesome Google Search Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google is not just a Search Engine but a host of thousands of services. It rules every internet powered computer as well as smartphones, and hence, it knows all your likes and dislikes too. Google is no doubt the most powerful as well as popular for this generation.

There’s also no doubt why Google is the most used search engine now-a-days. Everything we want to know around is just a search away and we can safely say that, we are living in “Google-it” era. While, most of us are dependent to the “Google Search” and already know most of the search tricks, there are some little but more useful tricks that can help to save your time and you can get your results precisely.

There are various Google search tips and tricks you can use to make your search easy and precise. Here we will provide you 15 simple and easy tricks that will facilitate you in a great way.

Here are 15 Most Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks:

1. Google Search Can Split Your Bill among Your Friends

No need to do extra efforts when going out with your squad. Stop worrying about the bills and just type “tip calculator” and set the tip to 0% and then, your whole amount will get divided easily between your friends.

2. Get All Fitness and Health Related Information

Just search for any health related query or fitness issue. Google will provide all the information regarding the same. For example: search for a particular disease or symptoms, you will get every information including the causes, symptoms and cure for the same in a small box.

3. Get The List of Movies along With the Show Time In Nearby Cinemas:

No need to collect information from others regarding the movies and show timings of your nearby cinemas. All you need to do is to type “Movie Showtime” and you will be provided a list of movies along with the Showtime that are playing in your nearby theater.

4. Search for job

Just type “jobs near me” and Google Search will list all the jobs that are available for you. It is most useful feature for those who are looking for a job.

5. Know about Schools, Colleges or Universities

If you want get any information about a particular School or college, or you are someone who is looking for colleges /universities, then just type the name of institution you want information about and you will get the basic information about that institution.

6. Know about Your flights or other appointments

Simply type “my flights” to know about the details and scheduling of your upcoming flights. Similarly, you can also search for your appointments in the same manner.

7. Get to learn the pronunciation of any word or huge number:

Simply type your word and you will get a small box showing its pronunciation along with audio for more precision. For example: type “Raspberry English pronunciation” and you get your answers.

Similarly, if you don’t know how to say huge numbers in words then just type your number and you will get your answer. For example: on typing “1233843838 in words”, you will get the number in words.

8. Get details about a particular image:

If you want to know about any information about a particular image you have then you can do so by Google search. Simply open the camera icon in Google images and Google will tell you every information like the size, origin and other details about that image.

9. Know about Information From Specific Sites:

So, if you want to know about any information from a particular website, then this trick comes very handy. All you need to do is to type for the particular topic from particular site. For example: if you want to read any articles from times of India, then just type “news articles site: timesofindia.com”.

10. Search to Know About Any Events in The City

So, if you want to know about the cultural events or festivals that are happening in your, you can do so by searching for the same. For example: Simply type “cultural festivals” and you will get a list of all the cultural events happening around you along with the date and venue.

11. Get the Recipes

All you need to do is to just search for a particular dish, and a complete list of recipes from the top sites will be provided to you in Video as well as Text.

12. Keep Yourself Updated about Sport Scores, Matches and details

If you are a sports fan, then this feature is great for you. For example: if you want to know about scores in the latest cricket match, then just type “latest cricket score” or you can type for your specific teams and Google Search will list out the table of scores for you.

13. Convert Your Currency

Instead of heading to a particular website, just type the currency you want to convert. For example type “dollar to pound” and enter the value you want to convert, you will easily get the converted amount.

14. Get to know the meanings and synonym for your words

No need to run for your dictionary if you got stuck at some word. Just type the particular word and you will be displayed the meaning along with its synonym of that word in a small box.

15. Track Your Calories by Using Google Search

If you are a health and fitness freak then this is for you. Just type a particular food name you want to count the calories of and Google Search will list its calorific information with for you. For example: On typing “calories in butterchicken”, you will get the answer right there in your search.

That’s all for now!! So, these were a few tips and tricks for using Google Search more precisely. Google has already facilitated its users to a great extent. All we need to do is to know about these small tricks to make use of the features that are provided to us.

Using these search tricks, it becomes more easy and time saving that we can now get the information on our fingertips. Use these Google Search tricks and make use of this amazing facility provided by Google.

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