Apple iPhone X Fold – A Foldable iPhone Very Similar to Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold

Apple iPhone X Fold

No doubt, Mobile world Congress is all enthralled by this new technology of foldable smartphones. Chinese Tech Giant, Huawei has been making the foldable phone since a long time now. Apple is working hard on its foldable iPhone and in fact companies like Samsung and Huawei had already hinted towards their foldable phones.

These days the concept designers of Apple are getting mocked by various designers across the globe due to the time they are taking in launching their foldable handsets. The company is believed to be far away from the launch. On the other hand, Samsung is ready with its Galaxy Fold and Huawei is ready with Mate X.

The recently revealed picture of Apple’s Foldable iPhone shows the design which is similar to Galaxy Fold which consists of a flexible OLED Screen. The foldable phones are designed in a manner that the phone will fold like the pages of a book. It also consists of edge to edge infinity display.

In many ways Huawei is similar to Galaxy fold. Similar to Galaxy Fold, one can fold the phone and can use the device one-handedly. You can adjust the size of the phone as you wish. You can use it like the tablet and also like phone. The size fits according to your need.

You know the designer, Antonio De Rosa, has included a square triple camera which will be seen in the next generation of iPhone which is question on being launched in September.

Apple iPhone X fold will remove the hefty bezels which is seen on the current model. This is quite similar to Galaxy Fold. iPhone fold will have all screen display not only in the front but also on the back of the camera. And the most interesting thing about the phones will be their packaging.

I guess we all know this that apple is known for its slick product boxes. In fact, the company has special people who specifically look after the packaging of their products whose whole sole responsibility is to sensory experience when unboxing a new device.

The designer Antonio De Rosa has designed the packaging for the foldable iPhone where they will provide their customers a slick triangular box that will house the phone at the right angle.

Huawei also displayed its foldable Mate X from the same right angle at Mobile World Congress during its unveiling last month. Although the packaging design of the phone is still not released but we expected that to be a copy of iPhone’s packaging.

Huawei Mate X will get launched in Summer this year which will cost approx. €2,299 which is £1,997. The exact date for the launch of the product is still not known. While Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost €2,000 which is approx. £1,700. It will be launch in US on 26 April while in UK it will be launched on 3 May.

Since Huawei Mate X has steal the thunder from all the other foldable phones at Mobile World Congress. This phone is getting all the buzz this year. Once the products will launch, only then we able to review them better. Do let us know, which product do you think is best?

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