Best 7 Email Apps for Android: Alternatives for Inbox by Gmail

Spike Email, Messenger, Chat & Team Collaboration

Email is by far the most popular as well as convenient medium for communication. The replacement for Email has not been found yet. Be it any professional or personal aspect, our first preference is generally communicating through the emails, as it is the most trusted and standard way of communication.

Now since Google has announced the end of Inbox by Gmail, we have to get a good alternative, right? There are hundreds of email apps available out there but not all are worth trying. We have compiled the best 7 email apps for your Android phones here in this article.

7 Best Email Applications for Your Android Phones in 2019

Gmail: Do we need to say more?

Gmail App for Android

When it comes to emails, Gmail tops the list. It is the most popular Email service that is used by most of us. The app provides a familiar interface and inbox view, where you can check your mails category wise i.e. primary, promotion and updates. The Gmail app allows you to check mails from all your accounts at the same time.

Gmail offers very useful features like its smart search ability and the user friendly app interface. Recently they also added Confidential Mode to Send Self-Destructing Emails.

Spike: Email, Messenger, Chat & Team Collaboration

Spike Email, Messenger, Chat & Team Collaboration

If you are someone who prefers instant messaging a lot, then this application is for you. The interface of Spike is similar to most of the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Skype that you may have already used.

The only difference is, Spike is used for emailing instead of instant messages. It is very convenient as well as smart way of sending/receiving emails.

What makes Spike best is, no matter which email app is used by the person you’re sending mails to, he will receive the mail in the standard form even after you send it like a normal message, without adding the bulky header, the Spike mail threads will do the job for you. You don’t need to have a separate account, just login to Spike using your existing mail and use it like any other instant messenger app – Now that’s amazing.. Right?

Spike is available for Android, iOS and even for MAC and PC. Download Now.

ProtonMail :


If you want your mails to be secured, then without having many doubts, go for ProtonMail.

ProtonMail is a Switzerland based open-source email provider. If you know, Switzerland is best known for its strict data protection laws and thus ProtonMail was launched in 2013 by CERN, as a mission for providing secure and private Internet access for all.

It provided highly encrypted end-to-end messages. Adding to it, ProtonMail has another amazing security feature of sending “self-destruct” emails, which deletes automatically from the recipient’s inbox after the fixed date set by you.

ProtonMail is available for free. Although the free version is enough for most of the users, but its premium subscription has additional features. You can install ProtonMail from Google Play.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Android App

Outlook is another popular Email platform from the Microsoft.

Microsoft never fails to satisfy its users and hence, keep its services on the point. Outlook provides a convenient way to prioritize your emails. The most important emails (set by you) appear on the focused tab and a quick filtering is available for sorting your numerous emails. Download Now.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is around since a long time and has been offering its services since then. The app not only provides the Email services, but also a dedicated section for showing latest news and updates. You can register different email accounts on Yahoo application.

The app provides a very basic interface, including a sidebar to jump to different folders. You can also configure the actions you want to perform on your emails by using the settings.

(For example, you can assign the functions to your side swipe like marked as read, archive or delete). You can download Yahoo from Google Play for FREE!!!!



myMail provides  a very fast and secure email service. It comes with a easy user-friendly, smart and colorful interface. It allows higher security to your emails. The interface is such that, it is best suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

You can perform actions like read, write and forward with a simple swipe. The app allows you to manage your personal and professional emails without many efforts. Along with that, it offers additional features like, using icons for accessing the contacts faster, contact suggestions while drafting a mail and many others.

You can use myMail for Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail accounts. It is available on Google Play.


AquaMail offers one of the easiest and simplest email services out of all the listed apps here. It allows you to manage all your email accounts in a much convenient way and a simpler interface. The application offers all the basic features of the emailing app and a additional dedicated section for showing the mails from all the registered accounts.

The fun part is, you can even customize your app interface as per you like. The app automatically changes the theme according to the day and time. You can even set a dark theme for night – Amazing!!!

Apart from that, by going through settings, you are free to customize the actions related to your emails. Moreover, Backup and synchronization options are also available for the mails.

You can install AquaMail from Google Play now!

So, this was all about the best email applications for your Android smartphones. Also, tell us which email application you prefer the most in the comments section. For more such articles, keep reaching us at

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