Fotor Review: Best Online Photo Editor And Design Maker With All Pro Editing Tools

Fotor Photo Editor and Graphics Design

We are living in an era where Photos, Advertising Banners, etc plays very important role. We save our beautiful memories in form of Pictures and express ourselves via profile pictures on Social Media. Similarly Banners and Invitation Cards too have their own importance in our lives. Now to do this we need a tool, a good tool like Adobe Photoshop. But Photoshop is not a tool everyone can work with. It requires some special skills and practice and hundreds of dollars.

If you go for alternative, there are some Photo Editor tools available that let you create greeting cards, edit photos, make collages etc. But not all are genuine or good to use. Some of these tools come with just basic stuffs or they don’t provide everything we need to make our photos, cards or graphics the way we want to make. We have already tested and reviewed some similar tools but they were all limited only to Photo Editing and nothing more.

They can be good for editing photos but what if you want to express your love for your mother, for example? Since Mother’s Day is around, we get to create a beautiful card for her. Or what if you need to create a Facebook cover for your profile or YouTube Channel Art? Well, in such case I remember only one name, Fotor Online Photo Editor.


Fotor is not just a Pro Photo Editor but also lets you do much more like making a greeting card, designing FB covers, making beautiful fullscreen posts for Instagram page, Collages, Invitations and more. It offers everything at one place. The best part about Fotor is you don’t need to be an expert or photography professional to edit images or design graphics on Fotor, unlike PhotoShop.

Fotor comes with super simple user interface and every feature ready to use. Any beginner can create a professional like photos or graphics here. This is very easy to use, and the templates provided are very impressive. Be it artistic collages, inspirational quote designs or even a beautiful Mother’s Day card with Stickers, you can create it in just few minutes.

Fotor Cards Design

The app can be used Online, and can also be downloaded for Windows PCs, iOS and Android smartphones. For light JPEG editing task, you can use online Fotor website. It also gives you advance and detailed editing. For various RAW conversions, we will advise you to use desktop version.

Download and Prices:

Another plus point of the Fotor app is that you can edit N number of pictures without being charged. But if you go for the Pro version of Fotor, you are going to get a bunch of new and interesting features such as cloud storage, no watermark, no editing restrictions, etc. You can upgrade to Pro at minimal cost of just $3.33 per month. I guess that is quite feasible and convenient for anybody who wants such great features including 2019 top graphic design trends. When I say, it is worth having Fotor Pro, trust me. Right now, over 300 million people across the world are using this app and are happy just like I am.

Online Fotor | Fotor for Windows | Fotor for Android | Fotor for iOS

Fotor Highlights:

Fotor offers a range of Photo Editing features, thousands of templates and lots more. Here are some of the highlighted features of the same:

1. Beauty Retouching Tools
2. Ready Templates for Inspiring Quotes
3. Bunch of beautiful Collage Templates
4. 100s of Photo Effects, Filters and Portrait Tools
5. Thousands of Professional Templates for Social Media

Photo Editing & Designing UI and Features:

As said earlier, Fotor brings almost everything that you can do in Photoshop but with easy-to-use user interface as well as one click options in the left pane, such as On Touch Enhance, Colors, Effects, Beauty Tools, etc. Let’s take a quick look at all the major features of Fotor.

Photo Editor, Collage Maker or Graphic Design:

When you launch the app you will find three options in the top left corner drop-down saying ‘Edit, Collage and Design’. As the name suggest, Edit option is about editing your pictures. You can apply Filters, can sharpen the image, set the contrast so on and so forth.

Fotor Photo Editor

Second is the Collage. When you go to this page, you find options to create 4 types of Collage including Classic, Artistic, Funky and Photo Stitching. Just choose any of these along with Thousands of ready templates and create a stunning collage for your Social accounts.

Fotor Collage Editor

Lastly, there’s the Design. It is where you can Design anything, from Invitation Cards to some school/business project. This is where you can apply your imagination and come out with some productive output.

Fotor Graphics Design

Photo Editing Features:

Editing a Photo using Fotor is quite simple. You have to simply open the picture and select the one click options provided in the left pane. You can work with colors, curves, apply from a bunch of Filters such as Filmatic, Funky, B&W and more.

There are also Beauty features that let you create a stunning portrait. You can use options like Blemish fix, Smoothing, Wrinkle Remover, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Teeth Whitening and even Wight Lost feature that makes you slimmer.

Apart from that, you can add any of the thousand frames to your photo along with a bunch of Stickers from collections including Vintage items, Badges, Cartoons and more. It also lets you add Text in several styles. You can do all these stuffs without any expertise. That’s what makes Fotor one of the best Photo editor in the market.

Fotor Stickers


If you are a writer, then you will like this. There are numerous of template which you can use to write something on. Write on the template, edit them and post on your social media and get thousands of likes. Isn’t this app phenomenal? If you want to create any particular template, of any size? Go ahead, create it with Fotor and resize it using the options provided. There are also some 3rd party image resizer available on web.

Card templates:

There are various professional templates too which are ready to use. You can customize them according to the occasion you have. Let’s suppose you have an inauguration of your shop and you don’t want to spend money on invitation cards then just make a card by choosing the Fotor template. There are preset templates available for every occasion. You can create FB covers, posters, banners. etc.

Additionally, the app provides a great way to save you work and use in your portfolio later. You can save everything that you have built through this app and can use that anytime-anywhere. Isn’t it cool?

Fotor Mothers Day Card Templates

How to Edit Photos or Design Cards on Fotor:

  1. To start editing, choose a photo. Since Mother’s Day is around, choose your mother’s photograph. Click on Edit. You can choose the photo from computer or import it from your Dropbox, Facebook or Cloud.
  2. You can use one of the below features to edit the photo. There is a toolbox present at the left which facilitate editing in a more effective way.
  • You can add frames to your photograph
  • You can apply effects.
  • There are also stickers present which can be used for editing.
  • You can write anything on the photograph expressing your love using the Text option.
  1. You can in fact also crop the image, resize the image, remove red eye or adjust the light in the image. Perform image sharpening and enhancement so on and so forth.
  2. Once you are happy with the changes made, then you can save the photo. You can even share you photo to various social sites.
  3. And if you do not like the changes then you can even restore the previous ones.

As said, not only picture but you can also work on Design or make Collage of the pictures of your mother.

  1. If you want to make any of these then click edit and from the option available choose let’s suppose collage.
  2. You have to choose the collage design, find the option ‘Fill’ which will add the photographs in the area of collage. There are various layouts present; you can choose anyone which you want. Save in and share it on various platforms.

Lastly, if you want to make a design then option ‘Edit’ and then design.

  1. The design option will provide you various offers which could be selected such as if you want to create a social media post, or you want to make a cover page or templates for marketing some product or events. You can create banners and documentations.
  2. Choose any design, wallpaper, picture and start making it beautiful. Use your creative mind and make the most of the app.

Final Verdict:

Fotor Photo Editor is simply amazing and handy to use and provide marvelous graphic designs. You don’t have to be a professional to use this app, that’s make it more worth it. Features like One Touch Enhance, Beauty tools, Retouch, Color, Filters, etc. make Fotor one of the best Photo Editor and Graphic designer available in the market. So, on this Mother’s Day, make your mother feel happy by creating something exciting and thank us later.

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