5 Best Computer Speakers Under $50 2024

Finding an inexpensive speaker for your computer is not a very tough thing. But, it’s a bit challenging to get the high-quality one from the inexpensive list. What you’ll be going to use widely dependant on the types of computer speakers.

For example, if you like to watch lots of movies on your laptop, you need to get the HD quality sounds. But, getting speakers that screech over time could be a drag if you like to use it in your office or a school.

No matter what you’re looking for the best computer speakers under $50, some great ones we have below. So, continue reading on and find your desired item.

1. Logitech Z130

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While looking for high-quality and budget speakers for your computer, the Logitech Z130 is one of the strongest competitors in this list. After a significant update, the Z130 has the 120 version along with all-around improvements. With the aesthetical design, the pair of speakers is nice looking.

The speakers come with a rate of 10W in peak with an RMS of 5W. This is why; this pair is your perfect fit if you’re looking for computer speakers in a lower budget. The dimensions of the speakers are 5.58″ height, 3.96″ width, and 4.34″ depth. Because of this, they’re suitable as smaller PC or laptop speakers.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, the Z130 is at the top of this list and category. Also, it’s easy to operate as it comes with an AC adapter that supplies its power and a volume controller.

Coming with a perfectly balanced bass plus treble, they offer a highly regarded reproduction of HD sound. Another good feature of the speakers is its 3.5mm port and it serves works as your headphone’s output when you need to hear it silently.


  • Great balance of bass & treble
  • Easy volume controller
  • 3.5mm poet for headset
  • Plug & play system


  • High volume makes unnatural sound

2. GoGroove 2MX

Image source: amazon.com

These speakers are your perfect choice if you’re in search of adding stylishness to your desktop. The 2MX has a nice finish of piano black color along with Red or Green, or Green LED light base. While talking about their aesthetics, it’ll add a completely new look to your entire setting.

Along with full base, it comes with pristine audio that ensures compact design and portability. These all make the speakers as dynamic as a bright flare to go with your preference. High-quality sound and USB power cable have made the speaker user-friendly and good enough to match with your expectations.

While adding it into your laptop or desktop or a power adapter, you’re all set to go with. The speakers seem to be smaller in size, but they’re very loud on sounds with a rate of 4.8W RMS. Coming with a frequency range of 150Hz to 20KHz, the speakers offer a crisp and decent sound that will charm you.


  • Pleasant design
  • Powered by USB
  • Base with colorful LED-lit
  • High-quality sound


  • Wires are very short

3. AmazonBasics 100

Image source: amazon.com

Without breaking your bank and getting a good quality of sounds is just available from the AmazonBasics 100. You’ll get two variants with these speakers, such as AC powered and USB powered. If you’re one of the people who don’t like to make their desk clutter then these speakers are perfect for you.

Designed as very minimalist, the A100 has a complete metal grill that protects its drivers with the accent of the black glass on every side. As its name suggests, it’s the basic type of speaker, but not like a bad product. When it comes to the customers’ reviews, it has lots of happy users’ reviews with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Apart from the feature of dual power, it can produce 5W RMS with AC power and 3W of RMS power while using its USB power. The volume control remains at the front side near the power switch. It might be smaller in size, but it’s strong to generate strong and high-quality sound along with its mid-leveled bass.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Decent design
  • Dual power mode
  • Plug & play


  • Not available headset port

4. Logitech Z200

Image source: amazon.com

Simple, powerful, and compact are the terms that suitably describe these speakers. The product is greatest of all but still is at a reasonable price. As a result, the Z200 from Logitech is affordable.

This is another package of speakers that have the feature of keeping pace with your full-sized computer. Looking slim, but working hard to offer you an output of 5W RMS in a decent manner.

The model Z200 differs from its previous, Z130 in the way that every speaker has two drivers of 2.5 to include more bass to their sound system. You might find the quality of its sound is under the range of an audiophile.


  • Easy volume &power control
  • Headset port 3.5mm
  • Simple, powerful, & compact
  • Plug & Play system


  • Included short cables

5. Insmart P100

Image source: amazon.com

This set of sound package abodes in wood that ensures great looking and provides high-quality sounds. The speakers of this model come with the power connector of USB 2.0 while a port of 3.5mm jack has included. As a result, the Insmart P100 is not just flexible, it’s also extremely user-friendly that run by PC or laptop’s USB port.

The speakers are as smaller in size as require a smaller amount of power, which is just 5V. While coming with a headset jack, it ensures universal compatibility with the most computer and gadget that has an AX port. But, we assure that this item will do an excellent job because it’ll provide you nice crisp sound.

Another great feature of the model is that you’ll get a tone controlling option to manage the bass of the speakers. On the front side, it has a bass and volume control wheel that’s good add-on while allowing easy access of the speakers.


  • Tweeter & woofer
  • Wood casing
  • Great Sound
  • Nice design


  • Newer item


While going to purchase a pair of speakers for your PC or laptop, ensure you know much about the matter. But, you’re all set when you have finished reading the article and we’re sure you’ll get the best one if you chose from the above-reviewed products. If you want to learn even more you can also expand your knowledge by reading this guide too. Also, a lot of companies can help you to decide which Computer Speakers are best for you. Just click and find out more on https://www.microcenter.com/.

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