8 Best Magazine Maker to Create Interactive Magazine Free

Every aspect of our daily lives is becoming digital as technology advances. As digital versions are easily accessible and can be acquired without much effort, people greatly appreciate them. Digitalization has given so many resources to people that can solve many problems in a short period. It takes only the internet and a few skills to develop the digital version of any product.

One of the most popular digital advancements is creating software that can create media in digital form.

Apart from that, digital magazines can hold a lot more information than print-based magazines. The best part about them is that you can use the tools available on the internet to create them. After deciding the main content and topics of the magazine and books, picking the best design becomes difficult.The designs, written content, and pictures should complement each other and make it look easy to read and engaging.

As the first impression of every digital product creates a significant impact on the audience, it is essential to create the best one. Fortunately, for creating a magazine for free, many software and apps exist. The best ones are listed below:

1. FlipBuilder

Source: flipbuilder.com

Creating anything on the internet, including software and apps seems like a challenging task. Many believe it will require a lot of expertise, while others believe it will cost money. But not all websites are like that. FlipBuilder is a magazine maker that can be used to create magazines, flipbooks, catalogs, and brochures. FlipBuilder is easy to use; you can convert any pdf file into a magazine or flipbook and add designs and templates that you prefer for your magazine.

It provides a range of images, videos, and animations that can entirely change the appearance of the content.

This is a no-code tool, meaning you don’t require expertise in coding to build the magazine. The easy-to-use features and guide make it one of the best tools for creating a magazine. For better options, you can also subscribe to the pro version of the tool to get some excellent benefits and ideas.

2. FlipHTML5

Source: fliphtml5.com

Every writer and publisher dreams of presenting their work in a format that the reader loves. To publish work on digital platforms, it’s essential to pay attention to details like design and templates. FlipHTML5 is a platform that solves multiple problems for digital publishers.

It is primarily used for creating HTML5 books and allows you to add a custom domain to the book. This feature helps create a unique brand for your HTML5 book. The most intriguing aspect of FlipHTML5 is the ability to add multimedia to the book, which is required in any HTML5 book.

These are easy to use and offer a range of designs and templates for your magazine or books. As a magazine creator, it becomes hard to create a print magazine as its costs are much higher. That is why websites and applications can help, as they are economical and reach the audience quickly.

3. AnyFlip

Source: anyflip.com

AnyFlip is another cloud platform that allows the publisher to create books, magazines, brochures, and catalogs.

Apart from having many themes and templates, AnyFlip provides unique features like Google Analytics integration and social media integration.

With the help of these integrations, you can easily manage social media engagements and check the engagement of your published work through Google Analytics. AnyFlip provides complete protection to the published work on the platform, which can also be downloaded easily.

4. PubHTML5

Source: pubhtml5.com

It is challenging to write and create helpful content, and making it reach the target audience is even harder.

PubHTML5 is a kind of digital publishing platform that helps you reach the right audience through the best features available on the platform. It is best suited for creating an HTML5 flipbook that has beautiful designs and themes.

The PubHTML5 platform takes only minutes to convert the content into an amazing flipbook or magazine that can easily catch the reader’s attention. It is available for various domains like fashion, business, sports, and art.

5. Mag Glance

Source: en.magglance.com

Mag Glance is another user-friendly digital publishing platform that provides exciting features and templates to publishers. Through this platform, you can customize the design of your book and magazine and give an attractive look to the cover and the inside content, too.

Apart from that, this platform also provides password and content protection so that the user’s work is not copied or stolen. Mag Glance is search engine friendly, too. It can provide significant exposure to your work and books.

For example, you can easily create a newspaper or magazine with the help of these apps and websites without any technical assistance. Digital magazines are trending in the media world, as every reader present on the internet can access these magazines and the information they contain.

6. Issuhub

Source: issuhub.com

Issuhub is a smart digital publishing platform that can help create the best flipbooks and magazines. This platform provides a step-by-step guide to assist the user in creating a helpful flipbook. You can copy the PDF format and start designing the book. You can publish your work online in minutes and get many readers and views.

You can also link your work to your own website, which can increase traffic, and share your work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

7. Yumpu

Source: yumpu.com

Among various publishing platforms, Yumpu is a prevalent one that provides incredible features like publishing, designing, and sharing your work. With the platform’s unique features and large user base, your work can reach millions of people and get monetized easily.

This platform has three kinds of subscriptions, which include free, pro, and expert packs. With each subscription, the features and facilities increase, earning you more money from your digital work.

8. Nextflipbook

Source: nextflipbook.com

For creating interactive flipbooks, one of the best platforms is Nextflipbook. It has various features, such as multimedia integration and stunning themes. The best part about it is that it can be easily read on devices like smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, and personal computers. In this way, by using the one-time payment method, you can combine multiple benefits.


Every writer and publisher wants to monetize their skills and earn money from their work. Publishing books and magazines in physical form can be challenging, which is why it is best to use digital services for that purpose. All the websites presented above can quickly help print flipbooks and magazines and can help in generating money from them. Apart from that, you can also promote and advertise your work on various social media platforms.

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