iPhone Tips: How to Hide Pictures on iOS

Hide Pictures on iOS

iPhone are known for their cameras. So, everybody clicks a lot of photographs. Not just iPhone, simply smartphones contain lot of our life’s private moments. Hence it becomes very important to secure them from any misuse. Anybody can get access to your pictures in your phone and can see the photos. In order to be secure, you should have some application that will not reveal your pictures to the user of your phone until you allow them.

And one of the ways to do that is by hiding your photographs. There are numerous ways through which you can hide your pictures.Hide Pictures using Built-in options:

  1. Open the photo app of your iOS device.
  2. Open the picture that you want to hide.
  3. You see a ‘share’ option click on that and search for ‘Hide’.
  4. Click on the ‘Hide’ option and select ‘Hide Photo’ from the prompt window.
  5. Once the procedure is completed, you will not see the selected picture in the camera roll

That’s it. Now all your chosen pictures will be hidden but the only problem is they will be hidden in a new album which is also named Hidden. Well, that creates a curiosity among user who will see that folder and they will definitely open that folder to see what you have hidden. So, this is not highly secure method. Hence we will try some another way.

Hide Pictures using Notes:

You can use your notes app to securely hide pictures. All you need to do is perform the steps given below.

  1. Open the photo app and then the picture you want to hide.
  2. Once you have selected the picture then click the share option.
  3. In the drop down, menu choose “Add to Notes” option a then save the picture.
  4. You can also add the description to the image if you want to.
  5. Lastly open the Notes app and clicked the recently saved note.
  6. Click on the share bottom at top left and select ‘Lock Note’ option.
  7. The prompt will ask you for password and hint. Fill the respective places and click on ‘Done’ option
  8. You can also add more security by clicking on ‘Use Face ID’ option.
  9. Then tap on the Unlocked icon on the notes app so that nobody can see your photos.

You can also use third party applications to hide your photos. If you want third party application to provide a more secure solution.

Keep Safe: This is one of the apps where you can protect your pictures along with managing them in better way. This apps provides various protection features including the fingerprint protection, facedown detection and password protection. You can use any of the one you are comfortable with. Its incudes various other features such as remove duplicate pictures and share photos.

There is another attention-grabbing feature which is storing the data on cloud. You can store your pictures on cloud without having the fear to lose them. The app is also having a premium version that unlock some more exciting features such as fake PIN, trash recovery, secret door etc. In fact, you can unleash more cloud storage if you use the premium version of the app. You can use the premium version for trail for one month for free and then you will be asked if you want to continue? In order to continue you have to pay $4.99 monthly.

Vault: There is another application in the market that let you hide the photos.  Similar to other apps it also provides a wide of features which includes cloud storage, imports photos directly from gallery etc.

You can directly import the pictures/videos in the app and then delete the photo from your earlier storage to keep them safe. There are others option also which protects your app and these including applying PIN and face down method to protect the app. You can also use fingerprint to open the app. It has another feature to create alert and fake alarm and also use this application to disguise anybody as they are seeing the camera app. You can download the app from your app store for free and use it to protect the photos\videos.

Private Photo Vault: One of the best apps where you can hide photos is Private Photo Vault. This application includes various features that are not very frequently seen in other apps. The app let you import the picture and videos and let you protect them by using PIN, TouchID or Face ID. This application can import the photos from not only your local storage but also from the iTunes.

As the iPhone user, the app is very convenient to use and simple.  It has a very interesting feature where you can download your required data directly in to the app as it lets you open the browser inside the app. It also supports pro version. The pro version comes with some more features in order to tighten the security as the pro version consists of pattern unlock system. You can get the pro version by paying just $4.99 monthly.

TouchyNotes:  My most favorite app among them all is this one which runs on the technology called patent-pending SPINT technology. It contains spinning buttons which keeps on rotating even when you press the buttons. As a result, the person beside/ behind you will not be able to see your password. The spinning combination makes it difficult to guess or see the yes password providing more secure feature.

To provide more security, you cannot just drag and drop the pictures. You have to copy and the data to clipboard and then paste it in the app and further the UI of the application is in dark mode which makes it difficult to see the hidden pictures. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Tapping and revealing pictures just like magic.

As per your requirement you can use any of the above app to protect your photos from being revealed to any stranger. Do let us know what do you think about these app in the comment section below.

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