Updated Good Lock Update Adds Edge-lighting Notification LED to Samsung Galaxy S10

Good Lock update Galaxy S10 notification LED

Samsung Galaxy S10 users were missing notification LED and hence, using other apps like Holey Light and ARC Lighting as an alternative to their notification LED. But now, Samsung has updated the Good Lock app and the EdgeLighting+ to work as the other lighting apps on the Galaxy S10.

This new update in the Good Lock has added new options in the standard Edge Lightening feature on the Galaxy S10 lineup. The Edge-lighting plugin now comes with a new Eclipse effect that mimics the notification LED by lighting up the area around the camera cut-out display. It also allows the user to set the colour and duration of the pulse for the Eclipse effect.

However, there are certain things in which Eclipse effect lacks. When the screen is off, Eclipse effect doesn’t works for all the apps. It only works for incoming calls and some selected built-in apps. Eclipse effect only works when the screen is on. The reason behind this may be the idea to save battery or it can be merely a drawback that restricts third-party apps from using the display hole to mimic notification LED when screen is off.

If you want to use this feature, all you need to do is to update the Good Lock app or install it if you don’t have already from the Galaxy App store on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. Then, you will need to download and install EdgeLighting+ plugin from the Good Lock app and open it and customize the Eclipse effect.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Notification LED

You can also do this by navigating Settings > Display > Edge screen Menu

Since, Samsung has recently updated the Good Lock app; you shall not face any difficulty in installing or updating the same.

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