Rooting Nexus 5 for Android L

Google recently launched Android L Developer preview image for their own Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Which means if you are having any of these tablet, you can test out the upcoming Android version right away on your device. Android L Google’s new android operating system where L probably stands for Loliipop and is more optimized to give performance. You can better check Android L Review here to see its all new features and Material Design UI.

So if you are done with the installation of Android L, you can use this guide to root your phone. This is the process through which you can root your phone and get maximum access. After rooting you can tweak the phone settings to make it even better. Google is going to officially release a few phone models with Android L. And a update will be pushed on various devices. But it is not confirmed when the update is finally going to be released in the market.

Rooting nexus on Android L is not complicated. The process is easy but it must be done in the way mentioned. You can start with taking your device backup first. So that if there is any problem you can get your data back. I am quite sure soon we are going to see many custom rom that will be based on Android L. So let’s move ahead with the rooting process. Remember this is an unofficial method.

Android L Nexus 5 Rooting


  • Charge your phone to maximum before rooting.
  • You have to enable usb debugging from the device. For that tap on settings and then tap on about phone. You have to tab around 5 to 10 times to unlock the developer options. From there you can enable usb debugging.
  • Download Nexus 5 Toolkit. This tool will be used for the rooting purpose.
  • Update your system with latest usb drivers based on your phone model.

Installation Process 1:

  • Install Nexus 5 Toolkit in your system.
  • Now connect the phone with your pc through original usb cable.
  • Launch Nexus 5 Toolkit. The application will take some time to detect the device. When it is launched you have to add a tick on Auto Detect Devices and build. You will see the device listed after that.
  • Check the phone screen also. You might get any popup window for permission. Tap on always allow from this computer.
  • Once done then click on Full Driver Installation. There are two modes here. Automatic and Manual. Select both of them. The tool will try to locate the best updated drivers for the device. Later on click on universal driver option.
  • Once done then you have to click on unlock. This process will only work if you have a unlocked the bootloader before.
  • Now click on Flash permanent. This is a radio button. After selecting that click on Recovery.
  • Wait back for some time. Once the process is over you will see the latest TWRP image installed on the phone. And your device is rooted.

Installation Process 2:

  • Sometime the above method will not work. So there is one more way to root.
  • Here you have to click no root from Nexus 5 Toolkit. You have to click on this after choosing custom recovery. You can find the same under root tab.
  • You will get a message on the screen. Select ok.
  • Once done just restart the device and from the screen choose System. We are not adding SuperSu here.
  • The device will reboot and you have to click on ok. This popup box will appear on the Nexus Rooting Toolkit.
  • Once done disconnect the device and boot that in bootloader mode. You have to switch it off once again and hold the volume down + power button at the same time.
  • From here you can install custom recovery. But you must choose TWRP from here first. And then go ahead with adding other stuff. You have to go in the download folder and select Update-SuerSu. That’s it. Once done restart your phone.

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