Rooting Nexus 5 for Android L

Google recently launched Android L Developer preview image for their own Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Which means if you are having any of these tablet, you can test out the upcoming Android version right away on your device. Android L Google’s new android operating system where L probably stands for Loliipop and is more…

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Android L Problems, Pros and Cons

Android L would be the next major update which is already unveiled at Google I/O. This time Google is going to completely change the UI and bring out something more unique for the users. But there are ample of things that Google is missing out. There are various thing which are not proper when we…

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Android L Theme APK

Download Android L Theme APK

Google revealed the next upcoming Android version known as “Android L” (so far), probably the ‘L’ may stand for Lollipop. They also launched its Developer preview which can be only installed (for testing purpose) on Nexus 5 and Nexus as these both are Google’s own devices. What about other smartphones and tablets? Can’t we experience…

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Android L Keyboard

Android L Keyboard for any Android phone

As we all know ‘Android L’ is probably the next version of Android operating system. According to experts, this ‘L’ may stand for ‘Lollipop’. Google revealed some info about this Android L in the recent I/O conference. It is but obvious that the new Android version will be power packed with several new features, among…

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