Download OnePlus 7 Pro’s Gallery And Camera Apps to Install on any OnePlus Mobiles

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera and Gallery App

The emerging tech giant OnePlus has recently announced its most awaited smartphones, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro this week. Along with the several other additions to its OnePlus series, the device has sufficed with new apps which can benefit all the OnePlus devices running on Android Pie.

The applications we are talking about are the OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery apps. So, even if you have any old OnePlus device, you can take advantage of these apps. Below is the detailed description of OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery app. Check these out!

OnePlus 7 Pro: Camera app version 3.2.91

The new camera application of OnePlus 7 Pro is packed with various new features including Customized mode, Smart Content Detection Mode and many others. About the version, it is 3.2.91 version of the OnePlus Camera. You can reorganize the settings, remove Smile Captures and can reorder the modes at the bottom of camera app using the “customized Modes” feature.

OnePlus has introduced the Pixel-like Google lens integration in its camera app. You can just tap and hold anywhere of viewfinder and you’re good to go with the lenses. You can download the OnePlus camera apk from provided link and install it on your OnePlus device running on Android Pie. Download Camera APK.

OnePlus 7 Pro: Gallery app version 3.2.7

Unlike the Camera app, OnePlus Gallery app doesn’t bring many changes. But it has definitely come up with slight changes in the collection page and the UI. The update has alsomade navigating the UI much quicker and easier. The date and media shows up at the top. Also, the “Favourite” button is heart shaped now and is placed on the top. Download Gallery APK.

You can download Gallery app from the APK Mirror and simply install it on your OnePlus device.

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