Huawei to Roll Out It’s Own HongMeng OS in June: Android Replacement OS

Huawei HongMeng OS

We all have heard about Huawei’s issues with Google’s Android operating system. Breaking the previous bars they are taking huge steps in the mobile industry by launching their operating system. The reason for this launch can be many but the main is Android is so common and particularly not considered viable in the eyes of makers of Huawei. Now since Huawei can’t use Android anymore, Huawei is going to launch its own Mobile operating system named HongMeng OS in the market in June, which they have been working on since a year now.

Chinese makers are one step forward in launching their own product and the good thing about them they are not totally dependable on anything. They believe in certainty which they get by their own product. This is one of the major reasons for launching Huawei’s HongMeng OS.

The idea of launching the OS was up in the air for quite a long. However the news is much clearer now and the company also gave the official notification regarding the OS.  About the OS it has been said that this new operating system will allow you to download Android Application in your phone. But unlike PlayStore you will see Aptoide in HongMeng.

So it is quite obvious that we will get competition in the market.  The new OS is assumed to be Compatible with all Huawei phones, Tablets, TV and wearable devices.

The highlights of HongMeng OS:-

  • The very first thing about this new OS is that its name is going to be Ark OS in the market
  • The second thing which is very much sure that this new operating system will run all the android apps.
  • This has been released as a rumor that the OS will be compatible with the “Android Green Alliance”

This is an attempt of a company for something more beautiful. You will see many more as promised by the makers. This is all you need to know about the Huawei’s HongMeng OS. The operating system will be available anytime this month.

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