Marvel’s Avengers Game to be Revealed on June 10: Watch Teaser [Video]

Marvel Avengers Game

2019 is one of the years where we have to permanently see off so many things. The hardest of all goodbyes came from the Marvels fans. Such as Iron Man, Captain America, Agent Roman, etc. This year Marvel’s most awaiting movie Avengers: End game released. With that movie, it has been assumed by the Marvels fans that they won’t see anything regarding it anymore which is going to be tough. As people had devoted the best year of their life and some of us had devoted our whole childhood in celebrating each and every character of it. But here is the good news for all the fans of MCU.

Square Enix who is considered as one of the best in its field, officially posted on their twitter handle about the worldwide release of the game based on Marvels characters. The upcoming game is going to name after the movie, Marvel Avengers.

The game is going to release worldwide on Square Enix live event at 6:00 pm on 10th of June.

As soon as this news was released, there was another level of excitement among Marvel fans. Some users started doubting it, which is quite obvious. It can be a prank or fake news to mess with the sentiment of Marvels fans.

So to put a halt on any such misunderstanding, the creative director writer Shaun Escayg also released the official announcement on their twitter handle.

The very moment it was confirmed that news is genuine it wasn’t next to impossible to unsee the trailer released by makers.

 As far as we know by seeing the trailer it is going to give the best of marvels. It will surely reconnect your past experience.The very thing we like about the trailer is they start it from the moment where it seems to end. It will give a certain idea about the characters like you may see Captain America, Iron Man in the game. However, it is very quick to draw the conclusion from the trailer but we need something to feed our creative mind. The glimpse of the teaser was just enough to create the flashback of events.

 Marvel Avengers is going to be the name of game. If you are wondering the game will launch all over sudden then it’s not at all true. It was planned in 2017 by Square Enix and Marvel itself to launch multiplayer games. However, it seems to be the perfect timing to launch the game.

We can sense the excitement among users and the gaming industry itself. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for its official release. The data released on twitter handle is June 10. The post-release of the game is going to be quite exciting as we will expect a lot of news and information about the game. The post on Twitter does not provide very much information about the game. This is all we know about Marvel Avengers game. Surely users have to wait for a while to get more of it.

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