Huawei’s Own OS Could be Named Huawei Ark OS – Screenshots Leaked

Huawei Ark OS

As we all know Google and Huawei has got into some problem and there wont be any Android running phones anymore from Huawei. So, as we recently posted, Huawei is working on its own Android-Replacement operating system called HongMeng OS. This is internal name of the OS Huawei has been working on.

The market name of this OS said to be Huawei Ark OS. Launching their own operating system is considered as a big step forward in the tech market. Makers are very confident about it. They also set a launch date for the product. It has been assumed to launch on June 10.

What is the reason for developing their own OS?

As far, we heard the reason for launching the Huawei’s ban in the US market. It has been reported by US officials that phone is used for spying purpose. However, it can be anything but the makers plan to launch their own OS.

What would be the name of the New Operating System?

After a whole lot of discussion, the company didn’t seem to come on the final conclusion, but it has been assumed that the Operating System is going to name as Ark OS.



Breaking all the previous failures, Huawei is more careful about this product. However, this operating system is a competition to Android but it supports the android application. This would obviously make things easy for Android lovers. Most of the applications available in the market are android based so it will not stop users from using this device. This Ark OS is totally compatible with the Android application.

Most of the prior competition failed to serve for Android and iOS platform. Learning lessons from them, Huawei took care of it.

 The other thing about this whole new Ark OS which is grabbing users attention is that the OS will be soon available for Computer, Tablets, Smart TV and wearables soon after the launch. This thing is listed in post-launch of the product.

 So in the upcoming months, we can see a lot of tough competition. However, some of gadgets reviewers started putting their bet on the product. They are pre-assuming about the OS and its working. Huawei is also confident about it and the main reasons for launching it, is freedom.

Somehow many of mobile manufacturers are dependent on Google for Android. This is the biggest advantage of Huawei over any other Mobile manufacturer. The company is creating its own standard. The class action suit on Huawei results into the freedom of their phones by launching their own OS.

 The date of launch is June 10. It is obvious we will see more about the product after it and soon after the launch, picture will be clearer and it will be easy for us to review the new OS. Till now this is all we know about the new Ark OS. Wait till June 10, we will surely fill all the gaps regarding the new OS and how it is working in a Huawei’s phone.

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