8 WhatsApp Features That Will Change the Way You Use WhatsApp 2024

WhatsApp is the app that doesn’t needs any introduction in today’s world. I can say, 99% smartphones either come with pre-installed WhatsApp and the first app a user downloads from PlayStore on his/her new mobile is WhatsApp.

The reason for its popularity is the application itself. WhatsApp is an easy medium to connect people across the globe. Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp allows you to connect with the user who has registered contact number on it which makes it private chat application. People are using it widely for business personal as well as business purpose.

However, the main concern of this article is to make you aware of the cool features that WhatsApp has but most of us are just unaware of it. In this article we are compiling such 8 important WhatsApp tips that will change the way you have been using the app so far. Let’s take a look:

1. Hiding Chats:

Hiding Chats

If you are the private person or want to keep the chat personal then this feature is for you. You can long press any chat and tap the archive button top. It was remove the particular chat from the list and drops it at the very end, which is hardly visible. But the only disappointment with it is as soon as the new message pop up it archives the chat. So this new feature will give the users an authority for doing so. It may be up to the user whether they want to unarchive it or not.

2. Check if Fake Message

Check Fake MessagesThe best mode of communication today is through media messages, i mean Video and Pictures. And on WhatsApp, we usually get lots of pictures every day. Now since this is the era of fake messages, you can easily check any photo, from withing WhatsApp Chat window, if the photo is fake or real by reverse Google Image search. This feature is also tested on Beta version 2.19.73.

3. POP Media and Multitasking:

POP Media and Multitasking

This feature is quite interesting it will allow the user to access Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube video to watch within the application. It means you don’t have to switch the application. The only requirement is to run the WhatsApp; it plays the video even if the application runs in the background.

4. Frequent Forwarded Messages

Frequent Forwarded Messages

A forwarding text message is quite a common task on WhatsApp. So this feature will give you details about forwarding text. The feature will be available as forwarding info. It will provide you a detail of forwarding message that how many exact times it has been forwarded.

5. In-app Browser

WhatsApp In App Browser

WhatsApp is enabling the in-app browser to make it easier to access the link you receive on application. It will also make you aware of the page whether it is safe or not. This feature is well tested on Beta v2.19.74.

6.Consecutive Voice Messages

Consecutive Voice Playback

This feature will allow playing the voice note automatically as soon as the first one end. It is for consecutive voice note message. However, the feature is well tested on beta but will take time to launch.

7. Fingerprint Locked Chats

Fingerprint Locked Chats

This feature is already available on iOS. It will provide the automatic lock of the application after 1 minute, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Soon it will be available on Android phones.

8. Dark Mode:

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Since everybody is bringing Dark Mode to their OS and Apps, how can Facebook owned WhatsApp can stay behind. Soon, you will see this on your WhatsApp too.

Above discuss are all the new features which are already available while some will soon make its way to your WhatsApp messenger.

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