Here’s How You Can Rollback To Office 2013 From Office 2016

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We all are living in ages of advancement. Technology has gone this far that sometimes people find hard to deal with. Every day there is a new invention which makes life little hard for not so gadgets friendly user. Same happens with users who are using Microsoft Office 2016. They are facing a lot of difficulty in it. Keeping the problems of a user in mind here we are discussing the solution for it. Basically, this is a guide of how to rollback to Office 2013 from office 2016.

We will discuss everything regarding this in a sequential point. But let’s first discuss what is the need of it. Those who were using Office 2016 find it filled with newer techniques which are difficult to understand for old school type of users. So people are looking for a solution to going back to Office 2013.

The solution which we are going to discuss divided is into three categories:

Solution -1

The very first solution we are going to discuss is the use of Office 2013 subscription. This feature has been added by Microsoft recently. It may seem like Microsoft was paying attention to the difficulty users were facing while using Office 2016. So they added a way to roll back into Office 2013 which is easy and doesn’t require any extra effort. It can be simply done by a user on its own.

Steps to roll back is shown below

  • The very first thing to do is visit the My account page
  • Then from there, you have to go to the link which you observe on the page.
  • Then go to the sign in option then click on install
  • It will ask for language preference after choosing that it will redirect to installing process
  • It will further ask you to choose additional Install options.
  • Then depending on the system, you are using either 32-bit version or 64-bit version, choose the office 2013 wisely.


The second option is the installation of Office 2013 after deleting Office 2016 which is very clear and precise. The steps for doing the same is shown below

  • The very first thing you will require to remove office 2016 is fix it tools. It is a powerful tool by Microsoft used for uninstalling process
  • Then before Installation of Office 2013, it will ask for the version you are looking for according to your system need
    32-bit version
    64-bit version
  • After done with Installation process the next step you have to do is disable the auto update because it can update back to Office 2016. To disable this you have to follow certain steps.
  • Go to the registry editor of your computer or you can use window key + R
  • Follow the path shown below


  • Then add this value on office update to stop it from auto update



The third solution is to download Office 2013 offline from Installation package. The steps for doing that is shown below

  • The very first thing is to download the office deployment tool for Click-to-Run.
  • The next step is to Run it and extract the file C: Office15
  • Go the extracting file then further move to configuration.xml and there delete everything available.
  • Enter the key into Configuration.xml

<Configuration><Add SourcePath=”C:Office15″ OfficeClientEdition=”64″ ><Product ID=”ProfessionalRetail”><Language ID=”en-us” /></Product></Add></Configuration>

  • Then you need to made changes in data

The very first change is to set source path to C: Office15

The next change to edit the officeclientedition according to the version of your computer. Set 32 bit for 32-bit version and 64 bit for 64-bit version

The third change is to set the product id

  • Change the language to English if any other

After doing that you need to follow certain more steps:

  • Run CMD and visit to cd C: Office15
  • Enter the following key there

setup.exe /download configuration.xml

  • Visit C: Office15>Office>Data then mention folder names and numbers
  • Go to C: Office15, further in it open Configuration.xml and paste the key

<Configuration><Add SourcePath=”C:Office15″ Version=”15.0.4481.1005″ OfficeClientEdition=”64″ ><Product ID=”ProfessionalRetail”><Language ID=”en-us” /></Product></Add><Display Level=”Full” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” /></Configuration>

  • Change the values to the same which you already did before in the above steps. This is an important step the values should be the same.
  • Again open the cmd then enter cd C: Office15
  • To start the Installation enter the key

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

  • After doing that if you are still facing any errors then check the value again.

This is all for now. We hope you find it helpful

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