10 Pro Tips and Tricks to Use Google Forms 2024

Google Forms Pro Tips and Tricks

Google has several useful and important services and apps that we need in our day to day lives. Good thing is, most of them are free. One of them we are talking here is Google Forms. Most of us use Google forms for business purposes as well as some personal uses too. In this particular article, we are going to tell you 10 advanced Tips and Tricks of using Google Forms more effectively.

Response Destination:

Here we are talking about the place where you want to store all the Responses you get on your Google Form. Basically, the form itself offers you ways; you have to choose one from them. The very first thing you can choose is your Result Destination by clicking on the 3dot option showing on the top right corner then furthermore Clicking on select Response Destination.

After this, the Response Destination will ask you to choose one option from the existing two which is to Create a New Spreadsheet and the second is Select existing Spreadsheet. These spreadsheets can store 400,000 responses as that’s the limit of rows in a regular Google Sheets spreadsheet. It’s totally up to you which one you want to choose. By clicking on Responses>Summary, you will get a visual view of results.

Receive Notification for Submissions:

Whenever somebody submitted his/her response you will get a notification. To activate this all you need to do is click ‘More Option’ on the response bar and choose the option ‘Get an Email Notification for new responses’. It is very easy and simple to do.

Multiple Pages:

To make the page more reachable and likable it is suggested to add multiple pages that you can easily do by visiting inserting Sections. All you have to do is click on the Add section button. In this, you can assign a header and description to each page, which allows you to separate questions of a certain kind or for a specific type of respondent.

Embed an iFrame of Your Form:

Embed an iframe gives you the flexibility to create a contact form for your websites using Google forms. You can easily activate it by clicking on the Send option on your Form page then further clicking on Embed icon, adjust your iframe. Finally, paste the code on it.

Create an Auto-Grading Quiz:

Google forms also allow creating a Quiz for students. For this, all you have to do is click on Template Gallery, and then under Education pick Blank Quiz option. There you can add questions and also provide answer key to options. Users can also check their responses by visiting view Score.

Turn a Form Into a Quiz:

This option gives you the freedom to turn your existing form into Quiz. All you need to do is click the Setting button on the top right and then further Clicking on the Quizzes tab and then selecting option Make this Quiz and save the option. Afterwords process is similar to the mentioned above.

Obtain a Pre-Filled Link:

If you want to make any changes on the pre-filled link then all you have to do is click on the More Option on the top right of your form page then get a pre-filled link. Then make the changes which you want to do and save the changes.

Adjust Default Values:

Google allows you to collect emails. For this all you have to visit More option on the top right of the page and in preference options, you have to mark checkboxes all these options.

Add Logic Branching:

Under Logic Branching, the response is strictly decided based on the options users choose. It is a fancy way of saying that your respondents will go to a particular page based on the answer they give.

Use Scripting:

You can use Scripting in google forms by visiting setting then by clicking on Script editor. There you can enter your script and save it.

So, these were the most important things you must carry while working on Google forms to make it more effective. We tried to bring the best out of Google forms. Try all these amazing options and let us know what you feel about it.

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