Difference Between Smartwatches and Normal Watches

Buying a brand new watch could be a challenging process. First of all, we need to say that watches are more than an item. They have a much stronger meaning. Many people wear them because they want to feel and look more professional. For instance, check serious entrepreneurs around you. The majority of them will have one on their wrist.

Anyway, when a person goes to buy a watch, it usually takes time to make the final decision. People hesitate too much because there are many brands on the market and each of them looks perfect. Despite that, each of these brands has thousands of models. The story becomes even more complex if those models come in different designs. If you want to see a huge number of different watch types and designs, you should visit here.

Did you think that the story ends there? Well, it doesn’t. The watches can be separated into two different categories – “normal” watches and smartwatches. Both types of products have some specific advantages and they are good for different purposes.

We are not here to tell you which category is the better one. Still, we can analyze their benefits that will show you the difference between smart and normal watches. Let’s get going.

Benefits of Smart Watches

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It will maybe sound unbelievable to you, but the first smartwatch is invented in 1984 by Seiko. Logically, these watches had some basic features such as basic calculations and the ability to schedule meetings. Still, since then, things have changed a lot. You will literally feel like you have a laptop or computer device on your hand. So, let’s now see the benefits.

Improves Your Lifestyle

Well, the subtitle is maybe not precise. You are the one who needs to take care of his health. Still, smartwatches are a helpful tool if you strive to live a bit healthier.

The majority of smartwatches will give you the option to track your activity, nutrition and calories burned. Besides that, some models have the option to follow your heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s say that you have certain health goals. Well, you can easily find out if you achieved them by just checking your smartwatch.

Easy Access to Notifications

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of smartwatches. You can see the notifications that you receive without taking out the phone from a pocket. For example, you can receive text messages, email notifications, calls, news alerts, social media notifications, etc.

For instance, you are at an important meeting and it would be rude to scroll your mobile in front of a potential client. You will just check your watch and the client would even notice that you were doing something.

Never Missing a Call

This advantage is especially important for the “missed call” type of people. Of course, when you are outside, it can happen that you can’t hear when your mobile rings. Well, that won’t be a problem anymore. Each smartwatch has a vibration that each user can easily notice.

Different Watch Faces

Well, we already said that people hesitate too much before they need to buy a watch. It is because they are afraid that the product on their hand is going to become monotonous to them. Well, with smartwatches, you won’t have that type of problem.

Smartwatches will allow you the option to change the dial every single day if you want. This option doesn’t only help you to be stylish. You can also match it with the clothes that you are wearing that day or with your current mood.

Better Entertainment

Well, when we talk about entertainment, it is not possible to compare traditional and smartwatches. If you want to watch a movie, that won’t be a problem. However, we need to mention that the experience won’t be the same as watching a movie on TV or a laptop. The screen is too small.

Anyway, listening to music definitely won’t be a problem. You can listen to it whenever you want – while walking, exercising, sitting in a bus, etc.


Well, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular among people. In the beginning, they were primarily designed for sports activities. Now, you can wear them in almost every situation. Yet, there is one disadvantage that we will mention in the next part of the article

Benefits of “Normal” Watches

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Well, if you are a bigger fan of casual style, then normal watches will probably be a better choice for you. People usually describe them as wearable art because of their design.


It is not a secret that you won’t be able to use smartwatches for a longer time. You can compare this with smartphones. People usually replace them once in 3 years at most. The technology is rapidly improving and your features won’t be able to meet the requirements forever.

Never Look Outdated

You can often hear that someone is wearing a watch that he or she got from his grandfather or grandmother. Well, the reason is simple – these watches never look outdated. The watch that is 20 years old can look as new if you maintain it.


Here comes the part that we previously mentioned. Smartwatches are fashionable because they are a young invention. Still, let’s say that you go to a job interview. Logically, you will want to look nice and because of that, you will probably wear a suit, tie, etc. In that case, the traditional watch will make you look more professional and serious.

Battery Durability

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Smartwatches usually last for 1 or 2 days after a full charge. Well, you won’t have that sort of problem with normal watches. Of course, you will have to change the battery in some moment. Still, you will do that once in a couple of years.


As we said, our intention is not to convince you that one of these two categories is better. You need to decide for what purpose you want to get a new watch. Besides that, people have different tastes.
So, what do you think? Which of these two categories look more attractive?

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