5 Ways Grow Your Instagram Following in 2024

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform that boasts with over one billion monthly users. However, with so many people using a single site, the competition is fiercer than ever, making it that much harder for brands and aspiring influencers to grow their accounts and gain a substantial following.

Today, finding Instagram success requires a lot more effort, a bit more of one’s time, and creating a strategy and routine that will help a person gain more followers and generate a higher engagement. If you are unsure of what you need to do, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Determine Your Target Audience

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If you want more engagement on your profile, your followers need to actually be interested in the type of content you are posting. Certain online tools can help you analyze the type of people that have visited your profile or have engaged with your content based on various factors such as age, location, and others. You can then use this information to figure out what exact type of people are truly enjoying your account, making it easier to seek out more potential followers.

2. Create Content That is Engaging

Once you have determined your targeted audience, continue being consistent with your posting. You can even consider making a schedule to ensure that you are posting regularly and consistently. Pay attention to the type of content you post and focus on creating images that are fun, relevant, and engaging.

Remember that Instagram is a visual platform, so always post high-quality pictures, choose an aesthetic, and try to create visually pleasing imagery. According to experts from Manager Gram, some of the most popular content includes pictures of animals, food, motivational quotes, nature, and more. Do not forget to include captions that are interesting, informative, and tell a story.

3. Use Other Content Types

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Of course, the main content featured on your profile comes in the form of pictures, however, recent research has shown that videos are becoming more popular. Make sure you utilize other content types that are available on the platform such as video, Story, and live videos. You can visit managergram.com if you are interested in learning more.

4. Engage with Your Followers

There are many ways to encourage your followers to leave likes and comments on your posts or to encourage people to start following you. You can leave likes and comments on their posts, share their images on your profile while giving them credit, host giveaways, chat with them on live video streams and much more. This will make them feel included, special, and appreciated, so you will be able to earn their trust and gain loyal fans. Repost their posts and include them in your activity, learn more on mikegingerich.com how to do that the right away!

5. Use Hashtags and the Location Tag

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Using appropriate hashtags and including your location will help you increase your visibility and engagement. Try to use around 10 hashtags per post and choose ones that are connected to your image, but are not used by an extremely large number of people.


If you have decided to grow your following, these steps will simply help you get started i. However, always have in mind that success and growth does not happen overnight, so be patient, work hard, and be honest with people to ensure you are able to succeed.

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