7 Best Tips to Optimize Windows 10 PC for Gaming 2024

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

The 21st century is a century of gaming generation; a lot has been changed in gaming with the advancement of technology. The earlier game used to be light and with fewer graphics but now every other game offer huge graphics and demands a powerful processor. Pc is the most powerful source of gaming because they offer gamers ease to play and up-gradation of software is quite easy in pc. Now with the latest window 10 in computers and with the availability of Xbox too, gaming becomes simple for gamers.

However, every game came up with a certain requirement. It is mandatory for the user to keep their system updated. Those who are unaware, windows 10 updates are important to meet the requirements of games.

Here we will see a few best and handy tips to keep your PCs up to date according to whatsoever game you play.

First thing first, update the GPU Driver:

An operating system is nothing without drivers because drivers make the system running easy and smooth. As graphics is the main unit of gaming. So your pc should be updated on installing with latest drivers. To make your game more effective it is mandatory to keep updated your windows, software, and drivers.

Disable Automatic Updates:

Updates are essential for the system but automatic updates can cause a huge load on the game. It can shut down the running game and starts updating process which will leave you in the middle of game with nothing. It is better to keep that power in your hand by disabling the automatic updates. To disable the automatic updates, go on window update setting and manually disable it.

Disable Mouse Acceleration:

To remain focus in battles and not lose a single chance to destroy an enemy, it will be better for you to disable the mouse acceleration feature in your window 10. Since this feature can create a little miscalculation and inaccuracy in game. Disabling it can save you from the chance of losing the battle. To disable it go to mouse setting and simply disable it.

Manage your Power Plan:

It is highly recommended to play these games on laptops as they have battery within it. Gaming required a huge amount of power and with the high-performance mode; they can drain your battery faster. So it is suitable to prefer laptops as they can add some power to GPU and CPU.

Software Tweaks:

Software tweaks are further sub-categorized into two parts which are important for gaming.

Advanced System Optimizer:

Other than operating system improvement, you have to pay attention to ‘Advance System Optimizer’ too. You have to make sure that optimizer can remove unnecessary files from the system which will further boost the game and performance in gaming can be energized. Optimizer help to remove all unnecessary cache files left during installation and uninstallation of game.

Tuning the Apps and Features Option

Window 10 offers certain prior installed games; you can easily see them in Apps and Features options. They took a lot of space in the computer and slow down the performance of hard disk which eventually affects the game. So deleting unnecessary doesn’t cause your system any harm.

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