How Can Technology Help You Grow Flowers

Technology has an impact in many fields of life, and one such field is the way we grow flowers. Technological advancements are what drives our society today, and the importance of it cannot be overestimated. As we come up with new and innovative technologies, we perfect certain areas of life.

This article will focus specifically on how technology can help you grow flowers. We will touch on gadgets, tech, and various similar things that can be used for your home garden.

1. Plant Link


According to soil testing is crucial as the soil is very important for plant life. Each plant has its own needs in terms of soil moisture, but to figure out what a plant needs we would need to go on Google and find out. However, determining which soil is best for your roses can also be tricky. So, one way to do it is with a gadget called Plank Link.

Plan Link looks like a simple USB device but it goes into the soil, as opposed to our personal computers. The gadget has a built-in wireless transmitter that can transfer soil-related data straight to your computer. All you need to do to get the much-needed data is to simply connect both devices wirelessly.

This innovative tech has been warm-welcomed by flower and plant lovers worldwide. With this device, you will know everything about the soil type before planting your flower.

2. Digital Pot


Digital Pot is yet another innovative device that helps us grow anything from flowers to vegetables. The device has been a revolutionary way to monitor the life of our flowers, as it has a monitor screen on the front that uses facial expressions to determine how healthy our plants are.

It even has a USB port that you can connect with your computer to monitor certain factors such as temperature, humidity, soil type, moisture, and every other soil-related factor before you even plant your flowers. This indoor growing flower technology has truly changed the way we indoor plants.

3. Timeless Garden


Yet another device that has been the product of technological advancements, Timeless Garden takes home gardening to and makes it eco-friendly.

The device is essentially a clock that goes perfectly with your interior. But the whole point of this device is that it is powered solely by the minerals and metals in the soil. Made from recycled junk and plastic, the device doesn’t spew out any toxins, and the clock itself is self-sustaining meaning you won’t need electricity or batteries to power it.

4. Garden Compass Plan & Disease Identifier App


This App also falls into the category of revolutionary tech that has changed the way we do gardening. The App has a built-in database of over 20,000 plants and a filter that lets you identify each plant.

If you come across a flower or plant that you’ve never seen before, simply take a picture of the flower using the app and you’ll instantly get an answer. But not just that, you will get detailed information about the plant such as name, family, growing tips, etc.

Another cool feature of the app is that it also helps you with flower diseases and various infections that can all harm your garden. It has a built-in keyword search and over 200,000 FAQ related to all things gardening. One downside to this app is that it is only available on the AppStore.

If you’re looking for flowers to try out all these new techs, then look no further than at for your source of flower inspiration.

5. Aerogarden


Aerogarden is a revolutionary product that has changed the way we grow indoor flowers and vegetables. Yet, this product works with both your cherry tomatoes and your favorite flowers.

The point of Aerogarden is for you to grow fresh goodies all year round. You can grow from seen to plant in three easy steps. Aerogarden can be described as:

– Fast: Plant the desired seeds in the water-based solution that works 5 times faster than the soil in your back garden.
– Safe: There are no pesticides, no GMO, and no herbicides with Aeroharden. The product is completely eco-friendly and will grow you the healthiest veggies and flowers.
– Convenient: The moto of Aerogarden is “From Plant to Plate” and it does it perfectly in the most convenient way possible.

Although Aerogarden has been created to help you grow vegetables, as opposed to flowers, it can be used for it no one the less.

6. Planty


The Planty product by Korean kickstart company Nthing has enjoyed a successful few years since releasing their product. Planty is the best way to grow your indoor flowers in the safest and most convenient way possible. The device is so convenient that you can connect it with your smartphone using WiFi and monitor your flowers from it.

The cutting-edge technology of Planty also flowers the plant whenever you tell it to, and all you need to do is simply press a button from your smartphones’ screen. It is the best way to take care of your flowers without even needing to be present.

This opens the option of safely going on vacation, without needing to leave the keys to your neighbors to water your flowers. Planty also has an app, and the app will connect with your device to give you real-time push notifications, updating you on the conditions of your flowers. The product also samples the soil when placed in it, and presents you information such as soil moisture, type, temperature, light exposure, etc.

Did we mention that the app will water your flowers whenever we tell you? Well’ we might have, but we didn’t mention that you can also put it on auto mode and Planty will detect whenever the flower needs water based on water levels.

7. Vincross HEXA


Vincross is a robotics company from China that has come up with a smart way of combining robotics engineering and flowers. The result of it is HEXA, a friendly spider-like robot that has been modified for all of your plant needs.

While firstly designed for other things, HEXA can be programmed to act as a succulent-transporting mobile flower pot. All you have to do is simply place your flower in the specially-designed vase and have HEXA carry it whenever you need it. Need to put the flower under sunlight? No problem, have HEXA do it for you.

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