4 Best Professional Cameras for Sports and Action in 2024

It is not a secret that we live in a world of advanced technology. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you will have to have a piece of high-quality device. The popularity of professional cameras started to grow together with the development of social media.

In today’s world, it is not enough to make a video or photography and to keep it as a memory. The photo that you make needs to be high-quality. An average user tends to buy more expensive mobiles only because they have good cameras.

Still, some people are using cameras for professional purposes. For instance, there are many people that are dealing with extreme sports that would want to catch some significant moments during the action.

Logically, everyone tends to buy the best possible one. GoPro is one of the most common picks because of the great specifications. Yet, it is not a secret that this camera is expensive and not everyone can afford it. According to findthedecision.com, there are some great alternatives to GoPro that can satisfy your needs.

Extreme sports athletes hesitate to try out some other cameras. Because of that, we want to highlight those that will be perfect for sports and action.

1. Canon EOS 80D

source: pcfoto.biz

Big camera lovers know that this camera is on the market for a long time. Still, there were many feature improvements during these years. Because of those upgrades, EOS 80D deserves to be on this list.

The users of this product will have the chance to shoot a video in 1080p 60fps. That means they will have the ability to slow down the footage to 50%. Besides that, the users can create a more shallow depth of field thanks to the APS-C sensor.

A good focus is one of the main reasons why people purchase a camera. Well, with this model, you won’t have to worry about that. It has an integrated Dual Pixel AF technique. Thanks to this feature, you won’t miss the focus even if you are recording the fast-moving objects.

Finally, we need to mention that ISO capability goes up to 3200 which will allow you to sports indoor with more than good results.

2. Sony A7 III

source: bhphotovideo.com

We will start a review of this model with one small disadvantage. You will have to spend a bit more money to buy it. Still, you will get some amazing videos if you tend to purchase it. It is great for people that want to use it for professional purposes.

Recording sports require from people to have a device with reliable AF. Well, Sony drastically improved the autofocus capabilities of the A7 line in the last couple of years. Believe it or not, this model comes with a hybrid AF system that has more than 600 phase-detection AF points.

Are you a fan of 4k recording? Well, that won’t be a problem because you will get 4k at full sensor readout. Because of that, the A7III record 6k videos are going to be downsampled to 4k.

People that record sports and action are usually slow-motion enthusiasts. You will have the option to record with a frame rate of 120fps at 1090p. It doesn’t matter in which part of the day you plan to record. Thanks to A7III, you will get the best possible results.

ISO of this model is even higher than the previous one. While moving, the camera can work great up to 12800. Still, it is not limited. You will get some visible results even you reach to 25600 ISO. However, it is not recommendable to go over that.

3. Panasonic GH5

source: pcfoto.biz

Panasonic is a well-known company among camera users, and this model is specifically focused on video recording. First of all, it has some amazing video recording features. You can record a 10bit 422 4k video. Additionally, you can record 4 videos at and 60fps and 180fps as well at 1080p. This gives you enough space to record absolutely every situation.

We can only continue with the positive side of this model. First of all, the dynamic and sharpness range that this model produces is amazing. We suggest you try it out in combination with color grading. The users testified they got some incredible results. Besides that, you will have the option to record videos in V-log. That option raises the range even more.

The next thing that is remarkable about this product is optical image stabilization. When you directly compare it with A7III, you will see a huge difference in quality. We suggest you combine the device with Panasonics stabilized glass. This combination will allow you to record videos walking in fast speed or running. In that way, you will reduce significant shake in your footage.

We started the review of this product with a disadvantage, and we will finish it with two. The first disadvantage is the autofocus. This feature comes only with contrast-detection AF points, which is not enough. Besides that, the ISO is 3200 which will allow you to make some good results. Yet, already at 1600, you will notice a noise. These 2 performances are the only disadvantages together with a bit higher price.

4. Fujifilm X-T3

source: bhphotovideo.com

As we said, Panasonic allows you to record 4k at 60fps in 10bit. Opposite of that, this model has a slight crop factor of 1.2x when recording at 60fps. If you are a slow-motion fan, there is an option to record 1080p at 120fps.
X-73 performs excellently in indoor and dim-lit situations. It comes with ISO of 6400 which is a great performance.

Still, we suggest you do not go strictly to 6400. It is recommendable to go a bit below that if you want to get the best possible results.

The autofocus is also one of the advantages of this model. You will have a great tracking and overall autofocus thanks to 623 phase-detection points and additional contrast-detection AF points.
Some people would tell you that X-73 is somewhere between GH5 and the Sony A7III when we talk about quality.

So, have you ever used any of these models before? If not, which of these models looks like the best option? Share your thoughts with us!

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