Tips For Choosing The Best Dedicated Server Provider in 2024

Whether you’re in need of a highly personalized and private hosting plan, or simply want to utilize unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated server is probably the option to choose for your website.

Dedicated servers are brilliant since they can be used to incorporate various technologies and applications. These technologies and applications are best advised for a multitude of reasons such as:

  • Safeguarding emails
  • Hosting applications
  • Safe backups
  • Storing large amounts of information
  • And many more

These are some of the reasons to use a dedicated server. However, we’re also going to give you a rundown of the technical benefits that come with utilizing dedicated servers, and those are:

  • Performance

Probably the single most important factor that should be taken into consideration, dedicated servers are powerful enough to deal with large amounts of information. This is the single reason as to why high traffic websites should always utilize a dedicated server plan for maintaining optimal performances.

  • Reliability

Another huge factor to take into account when it comes to going dedicated, your website will benefit a lot from the much-needed reliability that dedicated servers provide.

  • Security

Security is something that dedicated servers have over normal web hosting plans. A dedicated hosting provider will secure your website by having a live backup version ready in the case of emergency, as well as, decent firewall protection against hacker attacks.

  • Bandwidth

And the last benefit to going dedicates is the fact that most hosting providers will offer you a broad variety of bandwidth plants to keep your website in peak condition.

Now, we are going to give you our tips on how to choose the best-dedicated server for your website. Don’t go anywhere as we’re going to touch on the most important aspects that everyone with a high traffic website should take into consideration when choosing a provider.

1. The Memory


Memory no doubt plays a huge role in how fast your website loads, but it also has an effect on the server in question. The quicker your website loads, the better website experience your visitors will have.

It goes without saying that the more RAM in your dedicated hosting plan, the faster your content and application load. But RAM also plays a huge role in how data is stored and a number of other features as well.

The memory aspect is very important, as it could make or break your website. No one will sit and wait for your website to load. They can simply leave and go to your competitors for answers to their questions. So if you don’t want to lose any website visitors, make sure to go with a dedicated hosting company that will give you a good RAM plan.

2. The Processor

Large websites are in need or dedicated servers. However, websites that have visuals, video transcoding, and various applications that require a processor to run such as chat servers are also in need of a dedicated server.

This is because all the features we just mention require some level of processing to run. This is the sole reason as to why you need to choose the best-dedicated server provider for your needs.

There are two types of processor services you can use. The first one is a single processor server, which can be utilized for any of the above-mentioned applications, or you can go for a dual-processor server if you want your website to be able to multitask any of these features.

A third option is also available, but this one comes in the form of a GPU dedicated server. A GPU dedicated server is ideal for a website that specializes in 3D imagery and data. If your website also deals with AI, then a GPU dedicated server will come in nicely.

A processor server is something that a niche website would require from dedicated hosting providers. If you have a need for such a server, then you can go ahead and read more about it on this site.

3. The Operating System


An operating system is a very important component when it comes to choosing a dedicated server. Microsoft’s Windows OS has been dominating the dedicated server market for quite some time now, and it even has more than 1.5 billion device users worldwide.

A Windows-based dedicated server has one single advantage over the rest of the OS server, and that advantage comes in the form of familiarity.

Yes, a Windows dedicated server will offer you the exact same level of control and graphics interface as would a Windows operating system.

The second most popular type of operating system used for dedicated servers is the Linux OS. Linux definitely challenges Microsoft for the dedicated server headlines, as both have the largest market share in the industry.

The Linux OS powers around 35% of all dedicated servers, and it is very popular due to the freedom and flexibility it offers users. However, nothing can be too perfect and Linux’s drawbacks come in the form of required technical knowledge to use.

4. Bandwidth

The last tip on our list is related to bandwidth. Bandwidth is something that every dedicated server user must consider before choosing the hosting plan. Bandwidth, to put it simply, refers to how much data your website can hold. It is something very important since the more bandwidth your dedicated hosting plan offers, the more easily to attract visitors.

It goes without saying that a website with more visitors will require a bigger bandwidth plan. Even if the website has an equal amount of content to another one, the one that experiences more traffic will be harder to satisfy with the same bandwidth plan.

However, websites with high-quality media such as images, videos, and audio files, will also require a decent if not excellent bandwidth plan. Do not underestimate the bandwidth needs of your website, and you should always choose the hosting providers based on what they can offer you.

Always make sure that your website is more than satisfied with the configuration needs, and always make sure that the dedicated hosting provider can upgrade or downgrade based on your needs.

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