High Tech Gadgets That You Need For Your Next Kitchen Remodeling

Completely remodeling the kitchen is one of those most expensive renovations you could do to your home, but it is also of the most fun one you can do. Who doesn’t want the kitchen to be equipped with the equipment you always wanted to have and the type of style that will fit your taste? But, before you start spending the budget for your remodeling plan there is something you are probably forgetting and we need to remind you about it. And that is high-tech gadgets.

That’s right, you can actually make the whole process even more interesting by adding high tech accessories to make your cooking area even cooler and smarter. This room is probably one of the last places that got to see smart gadgets while we have seen smart lights, curtains, TVs, and locks years ago.

It seems weird that it caught on so late considering that it is probably the room that can benefit the most from such smart devices.

You can use these devices that are connected to the internet to help you become a much better chef, to provide you with some kind of entertainment when you are stuck cooking for hours and hours and even to help you keep yourself stocked up on ingredients.

Here are some of the best high-tech gadgets you can add while doing your next kitchen remodeling.

Smart Fridges

source: dgit.com

This might be the single best smart device you can add to your cooking area, and you could even survive without getting anything else, although we do not recommend that. While today there might be dozens of smart fridges, the first ones who started this industry were Samsung and LG, but mainly Samsung which is why it is our first recommendation for a fridge.

Most of these fridges come with a giant screen (usually over 15 inches) that acts similarly like a tablet where you can download any application you want. Instead of looking for magnets to stick on your fridge so you can leave a note for your kids or your wife/husband, you can easily open up the whiteboard and write with your own fingers on it. You can also create a shopping list that your family can easily access it through the internet on their phones while they are in the market.

No need to call back your spouse to ask them about the things you have forgotten to buy or you the words on that piece of paper they’ve written is illegible since you can easily access the fridge to find out what you need to purchase. Some of these fridges can even come with a camera that records inside of the compartments so you can easily check what you should or should not buy.

On most smart fridges, just like on Android phones, you can download applications such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix so you can listen to music while preparing your lunch or even watch a movie while peeling potatoes. Make sure you pay enough attention to the knife and your fingers while cutting up vegetables.

Just like Android phones, you can also use smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Bixby to tell you about the best chicken wing recipe, to play your favorite song or to start the last episode of Game of Thrones.

According to 800 Remodeling, getting high-tech gadgets can increase the kitchen remodeling cost, so make sure you pay enough attention to your budget.

Smart Cooking

source: digitaltrends.com

While the devices you have can’t really make you a better cook, they can certainly speed up the process of you getting better or help you multitask if you are already a good cook. You can do this by getting an oven that can connect to the internet which will allow you to control it from anywhere.

If you never get home on time to prepare a meal while your kids are super hungry, you can save up some time by telling your oven through your phone to start heating up. You come home, your oven is already preheated so you can easily throw in anything you want inside and it will be ready in no time.

Have you ever been in a situation where you constantly go back and forth, doubting yourself whether you turned off the stove or the oven? It is very important that you turn off everything inside of the cooking area as that can be a serious fire hazard. So, naturally, you bother someone who is at home to go check whether everything is off or if no one is home, you drive back to check if everything is fine. You can save yourself some time with a smart stove/oven by just checking no your phone whether it is off or on.

Some ovens come with different smart presets that can be used for different situations. Do you have leftovers in the fridge? Then select the warm-up option. Do you want to do a quick chicken roast? Then you will probably find an option for that too. Some of these smart devices can even memorize all of your previous recipes, so if you ever want to cook that meal that everyone complimented you on, you can just pick it on the oven/stove.

Smart thermometer

source: magzter.com

While this might be a more specific tool for the kitchen, it certainly can be pretty useful if you are the type of person who constantly undercooks or overcooks their meat. With this device, you can easily find out whether your meat is ready or not.

Prepare your meat, stick it in the oven and then probe it with the thermometer. Connect to it with your phone and you can easily track the progress of the meat. You can even go out to do some grocery shopping because the smart thermometer can even calculate how long it would take for the meat to reach a certain temperature.

Smart coffeemaker

source: dgit.com

Now, this might be one of the best tech devices you will ever buy in your life. If you have to get up super early every single day to get to work, you probably spend at least ten to fifteen minutes just to get yourself a cup of coffee.

Well, with a smart coffeemaker you can easily create a schedule and recipe to brew you the perfect coffee at the right time. Next time when you wake up in the morning, you will have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

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