Funny Things of Being a Technology Development Worker!

Programmers are not ordinary people but people with some kind of superpower, while the problem is that programmers always not realize their specialties. In their eyes, they are ordinary just like every other person. Let’s see some funny things appearing in their daily life!

Cases that make you cry and laugh


Technology development workers think what they have easily developed is also quite easy for their client/software users to use, but in fact, the vast majority of ordinary people know very little about computing and software programming.

A software operation that is obviously easy for the programmer, will cause kinds of unexpected strange things when used by an ordinary user, which makes programmers cry and laugh.

Case 1

I remember once when one of my clients called me saying that the big “e” on his computer desktop was missing. I didn’t understand at the time; what big “e” was missing? He explained that the icon that looked like a big “e” could not be found! I was down then! His IE explorer icon disappeared…

Case 2

A client made a request for a search function on the page. I asked, “there is a search function in the system, why do we need to add another search function?” He said that he won’t know what system. He just wants to search for a certain keyword on the page. After then, I understood that what he needs is just pressing “CTRL + F” on the keyboard.

Case 3

What program the programmers thought of perfect turns into a software extremely difficult to use in the hands of users, so the complaint calls rang like a cursing vixen in the countryside! It is so funny to find out that ordinary users don’t know how to operate the software. In the eyes of programmers.

Case 4

Although the user brings a lot of funny troubles, all the programmers will get the sense of accomplishment only if they satisfy the customers. The following users’ face expressions will make the programmers put a small in their face for a whole day!

Case 5

When a major bug occurs, Australian technology development programmers will blame themselves deeply and rush to fix the bug overnight.

Even when there is no complete remedy in the short term, they will come up with some ideas and effective solutions to help users overcome difficulties temporarily.

Case 6

Programmers are particularly sensitive to causality because they deal with programming logic all day. If the causality of your discourse is not clear, it will make them confused. If the causality of your discourse is incomplete, it will mislead them to do something wrong.

If you have an “if” in your sentence, it is best to end it with “then”, or use “else” to give another choice. The subject of your sentence should be clear, or there may happen an accident:

If you are a programmer, you must be laughing now. You understand me!

Career development of a technology development worker


Many funny and embarrass things as they meet in their work, technology development programmers get higher salary payments and enjoy a more decent life. After all, technology talents are playing greater and greater roles in modern society. If you want to be a technology development as well, find computer technology and science courses to study via CatEight Course Finder!

Completing the specialty courses, you can start your career as a computer developer, while what’s your career development direction? After years of working as the programmer, what posts should you engage? Here are my suggestions:

1. Technological expert.

Some developers are frenetic with programming. They love using codes to express thoughts and being concentrated on a certain technological filed. With working years up, they accumulate experiences and the ability to solve various technological difficulties, Quite excellent technological experts they are called, even they are treated as advisers in the company!

2. R & D Manager


Research & Development management is a relatively common career development direction for programmers. The proper posts mainly are project managers, R & D directors, vice presidents of technology, and CTOs. To be qualified at those posts, you need leadership skills beyond technological competence.

3. Training lectures

Training lecturers is a good career choice direction of some programmers. With age growing, many programmers get not as energetic and before, producing less codes. So they choose another post-training lecture. With rich first-line experience, they impart their knowledge to more people, helping others quickly improve programming ability. Engaging this post, you will meet different people, living a rich life.

4. Sales

Technological product salesmen, with a great understanding of the technological base of the product, will be more pragmatic. It is easier for them to understand user’s requests, to make good communication, and to build trust with clients. So, Technological product salesman is also a good career direction for programmers.

5. Consultant


Programmers focus on certain areas of IT technology and have mastered in-depth skills. They can switch to consultants in this field, answering related technical questions from others and take some remuneration.


In the era of “Internet +”, IT entrepreneurship is very common. technology development workers can use their own technical advantages to launch their own business. But you need to know that entrepreneurs take great risk. You may get success in setting up your start-ups, becoming a millionaire and realizing financial freedom, also over 90% start-ups failed. Won or lose, it all depends.

End words

Whichever field you will work at in the future, you should always remember that you need firstly equip yourself with sound IT programming skills. Otherwise you cannot even get breakthroughs in technological development, let alone in other businesses such as management, sales, and entrepreneurship.

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