Why should you consider Refurbished Phone

While refurbished phones have a bad reputation due to the many misconceptions surrounding it, professional mobile refurbishment experts are pioneering this industry in the UK as a part of the goal to change the public perception of refurbished phones as used, old, or fake gadgets.

There are many companies that are specialized in this niche and this allows people to get top of the line flagship devices and incredible deals at affordable prices. When you buy a used smartphone, you are not getting a warranty, this is something different and you can be sure that the device you picked up will not go dead in a few days.

In this article, we will discuss the most common fears or concerns users have towards buying a refurbished phone online and how companies are tackling each one of these concerns in order to lift the stigma surrounding refurbished phones.

What are refurbished phones?

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Refurbished phones are 100% authentic smartphones that are manufactured by the original brand of the device. In the case of pre-owned phones, every device is first tested by a professional team of mobile phone experts to confirm that it is in a pristine condition and can be refurbished to a “like-new” condition.

Refurbished phones by mobile repair specialists

The prime reason for worry among mobile phone users regarding refurbished phones is regarding the source of the refurbishment—in terms of the parts used in the process, as well as the skill level of the refurbishment professional.

Looking at the market today, this is only a natural step in evolution for many companies that were in the repair business. Many of these services already have required connection with mobile parts provides that can offer OEM parts at the best price. As a result, you, as a customer, will be able to buy a very good smartphone at a fraction of the cost of the new one.

Buying a refurbished phone online is not safe

Another concern regarding refurbished phones is that most of them are sold online, which means that the user is unable to view the device’s physical condition in a person or examine it before making a purchase.

As suggested by QwikFone, one of the things that can give peace of mind to customers is the policy of return or replacement of a device that most companies give. This assurance is a guarantee that you are able to return your smartphone within 14 days after the original purchase.

But, what if you like the phone up until the moment the return policy ends and then the phone stops functioning? Well, this isn’t possible, as extensive testing process prior refurbishment and shipping ensure such an error does not occur. Also, warranty policy is another step that eases this worry!

You should definitely look at companies that offer a 1-year warranty with all refurbished phone deals for no extra charge. This policy protects the user rights and device quality against any manufacturing problems or refurbishment errors. It also provides the device owner with free repair services.

Lifting the stigma of refurbished phones

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There are multiple reasons why you should consider purchasing a refurbished smartphone. It is both economically justified move, but also environmentally friendly, which is even more important. When we take a look at the level of pollution and how many devices are produced each and every year, it is quite worrying where the world is going.

Preserving the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the comfort of using a new phone. This is why we are here to make sure that the mobile community users understand the difference between refurbished phones and the different grades and their grading system in general.

“Like-new” phone, “like-new” experience

Another shortcoming of refurbished phones is the fact that users have to pay the whole price up-front. As a result, it is presumed that it would be easier for most users to buy a brand-new and expensive phone with a carrier deal that allows them to pay installments as opposed to having to pay a large sum at once.

Things like this can be addressed by companies that offer PayPal credit payments, this essentially allows users to pay out the phone’s price in easy monthly installments with no interest.

Now, let’s deal with the accessories. Buying a pre-owned phone; whether it has been refurbished or not, comes with a guarantee that the accessories of the phone, such as the charger, cables, and earphones, are going to be either worn and old, or entirely non-existent.

The best in the business will take care of this also. Since you are getting almost a new smartphone and the device that is as close to buying a brand new one, the most important accessories will function as good as new. This accessory set includes the phone’s charger, a pair of earphones, and a SIM tray ejector.

The main goal of refurbished smartphones is to allow people to enjoy the newest devices but without the need to pay the full price for it.

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