Parental Control Apps Can Allow You to Set Screen Time Limits

There is no denying that handing over a mobile phone and letting them play different games on the device can keep a child busy and offer you a convenient distraction. While this may initially look like a good idea, but as the child grows to be teenager, they start using the smartphones not just to play games, but to talk to their friends, and the truth is entertainment media is everywhere.

From creating a social media account to downloading dating apps, mobile phone gives them a galore of options to keep your kids busy, which could bring along potential threats.

You might have already seen your kid glued to their mobile phone night and day. Being a parent, doesn’t it make you feel angry when you see them using these gadgets all the time? Doesn’t it make you worry that they are wasting most of their crucial time by playing some addictive online games or talking to someone through different online social networking sites?

Do you know that an excessive amount of screen time can lead to the following problems?

Inconsistent sleep: The more screen time you kids get to have, the more trouble they will feel when they try to sleep. To ensure that your child is getting the right amount of sleep regularly, get an excellent parental application with screen time limits, like the stability of FamiSafe.

Behavioral issues: The internet is loaded with all kinds of media news, and application that can have a humongous effect on your child’s mental health. From disturbing news to adult content, your child may go through some wrong behavioral changes.

Concentration problem: Children, who are addicted to their mobile phones, often neglect schoolwork, and have a hard time concentrating, because their phones are constantly ringing with notification.

Looking at all the problems, it is high time that you think about a robust parental control app that will enable you to stop your child from using their mobile phones when they should be sleeping or studying. Plus, your child needs to go outside to have fresh air as well.

Walking for a few minutes will let your child have a good effect on their overall body, including their brains. Think about it once; if one parental app can bring in so much positivity in your child’s life, why shouldn’t you try one of such apps?

Since we are talking about parental apps, here is a list of some of the best hand-picked parental control apps that are currently leading the market.



FamiSafe is an awesome parental control app loaded with reliable features. The application is developed by a company called Wondershare and will let you keep an eye on your child’s mobile phone usage.

Knowing that your child might be spending a lot of time on his/her mobile phone, you can try FamiSafe to put a screen time limit on their mobile phone.


Screen time tracking and control: Through this feature, you will get to know how much time your child spends their time with the mobile phone.

You can also set screen time limits, particularly when they are at school, during bedtime when they should play, and study.

Web content filtering: The internet is not a safe place for young minds because there are contents available on the internet that could be extremely dangerous for them. For example, pornographic websites, gambling, and addictive online games. Through this feature, you can check what they are browsing and block some of the harmful sites.

App blocker: Probably, your child seems busy playing some games after downloading a few gaming apps from the Play Store. Now, you can block such apps, which could be consuming a lot of their time.



Another useful app that will allow you to keep an eye on your child’s smartphone is Qustodio. You can use this parental control app to limit their smartphone usage.

Along with keeping an eye on their phone, you can also restrict their website usage, and block some games and apps. Not just this, the app will also let you block unwanted calls and messages as well.


Screen time limit: You can set a screen time limit for your children, and allow them to concentrate on their studies when they should.

Block adult content: Adult content can be found easily on the internet. Just one search and there will be an array of pornographic websites. Block all the dangerous adult websites so that your child can have a safe browsing experience.

Monitor YouTube activity: Even YouTube can have a bad influence on your child’s mental health. Keep an eye on what they view most on the YouTube platform.



The last one that you can go to is MMGuardian. A useful parental control application that lets you monitor your child’s cell phone activities and comes with a slew of excellent features. You can filter out web content, know what your child is downloading through different app stores, and much more.


SMS trackers and blocker: If your kid is being bullied or receiving threat messages, you will get to know about it and block those contacts right away.

Call tracker and blocker: Know who your child is talking to and if they are receiving unwanted attention from some people. If so, block those numbers. App blocker: Get to know what type of apps your kid has downloaded, and block the ones that are not good for them, are time-consuming.


Our of all, FamiSafe stands out as the best, especially after knowing how easy and safe it is to use the app. It will hardly take a minute to download the app and get started. Always remember to speak to your kid before using a parental control app.

Let them know why screen time limit is necessary for them before they feel vulnerable. Your child is naive and doesn’t know about the dangers of the dark web. Also, your child needs to have a proper sleep, and study well. Talk to them and explain. Let them understand and try to be their friend.

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