8 Best Watches for Young Professionals in 2024

Once you become a professional and start your career, you will have to look the part each and every workday. Dressing smart and formal will become your daily routine and while suits, shirts, and shoes are all a must, accessories can also help you achieve the best professional look possible.

This is why you will need a great watch to complete a business look and leave a good first impression. When people see a smartly dressed individual, they instantly have more respect, and this is crucial in the world of business. In this article, we will help you decide which one to buy and begin your work life the right way. If you are still interested, you can learn more here.

1. Seiko SARB017 – Most Durable

source: japan-select.com

This is the most durable watch on the list for a reason and it will last you for a long time because of the materials used to make it. Mineral and sapphire glass on other watches tend to become scratched, but the crystal sapphire from crystalline aluminum oxides on this Seiko offers maximum protection possible.

It is a high-temperature cut made by a diamond saw, so only diamonds and other hard rocks can scratch it. There is a small anti-reflection coating making it appear green from some angles. For style purposes, it has raised gold hands and markers that give it both a classic and modern design.

2. Orient FAC00009NO –Cheapest Model

source: youtube.com

Orient is a good mid-tier watch brand that offers watches in a wide array of prices. This model is the cheapest on the list and it is far away from a perfect model. Still, it meets all the basic requirements most users have, and if you simply want a normal watch in your life, look no further.

It has a Japanese automatic movement with daily accuracies between -20 to +40 seconds. It is splash resistant too, but never swim while wearing it. The mineral crystals do not offer much scratch resistance, but that is perfectly fine for the price.

3. Hamilton H38755751 – Best Dress Watch

source: youtube.com

Hamilton is another amazing manufacturer of medium level watches. Their H3875575 model is absolutely the easiest one to match with most clothes. Thanks to the leather material on the straps, it is more comfortable and stylish, so you can wear it wherever, and not strictly to work.

The length of the leather strap can also be adjusted to fit your wrist. Since leather usually looks better over time, it will last you longer too! The simple design and date display complete the feature list of this watch. It does not have a second hand, which may turn some customers away.

4. Rolex Datejust 36 116233 – Best Luxury Watch

source: xupes.com

Rolex does not need any introduction as everyone is familiar with their work. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that this is the most expensive watch on this list, but this also gives it the most features. If you wish some solid 18K yellow gold on your wrist, this is the piece for you.

The gold details include the dial and fluted bezel. This watch is not just pretty, but also very durable and functional. It has a self-winding automatic chronometer movement function, which uses your natural arm motion to power the watch! How cool is that? The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is in charge of protection, and the watch is also water-resistant up to 330 feet. If you care for it well, it can last you a lifetime.

5. Baume & Mercier 8755 – Best for Outdoor Activities

source: amazon.com

So far on the list, we have only had one fully- water-resistant watch, as the others can only survive small drops of water. However, this Baume & Mercier 8755 watch is water-resistant up to 600 feet, or 200 meters, which is absolutely amazing.

Therefore, feel free to swim, dive, and take baths while wearing it without worry! It also has a chronograph feature that allows a stopwatch function, making it perfect for recording times during outdoor activities like races and competitions. The stainless-steel case is in charge for durability and protection, rest assured it will survive a lot. It runs through arm movements, so no batteries needed.

6. Omega 021230412003001 – Best Male Watch

source: boutique.humbleandrich.com

This Omega model has outstanding features usually found on higher-end products. It sports a simple round design that has a blue dial and dots for markers. Except for the time, it shows the date as well, like others on the list. The window is made from synthetic sapphire.

Regarding the movement, there is an automatic self-wind mechanism that uses natural movements of the wrist and arm. It is water-resistant up to 300 meters, making it the best in this section on the list so far. Regular maintenance is required in order for it to last longer.

7. Citizen AT8020-03L – Most Functional Model

source: youtube.com

The blue dial of this Citizen watch makes it easy to see the chronograph function and date window. Furthermore, there are different time zones, as well as a perpetual calendar on the watch. Although it looks like a complicated design at first, all of the times are easily adjustable.

If you travel a lot, this watch will be a real help when checking times in different countries is needed. The watch is super precise thanks to its atomic time clock and atomic timekeeping technologies. If you are a fan of simpler designs, you might want to look elsewhere though.

8. Tissot T9144104605700 – Best Female Watch

source: tissotwatches.com

For the ladies out there starting their business careers, the classic Swiss brand Tissot has made a beautiful and functional watch that goes well with most classy work outfits. The case is made from 18K rose gold and 316L stainless steel, making this a luxurious and durable timepiece.

The surface is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the bracelet is durable leather. It is water-resistant enough for swimming and showering, but the brand does not recommend diving with it.

Furthermore, a lot of females who work as nurses might find this watch elegant, but not exactly suitable for the workplace. There are some watches for nurses here at bestazy that are not as luxurious as the Tissot here, but that get the job done. Make sure you check them out.

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