It’s Time to Force Your Sales by Cloud CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an efficient tool used for improving the relationship with current customers, attracting new ones and winning back former clients. It is efficiently integrated into some software that helps to collect, organize, and manage the information about customers, their needs and preferences.

The advanced CRM cloud systems are quite beneficial for both small and large businesses if they have received the proper implementation. The progress of technology allows using such brand-new software and methodologies to make such cloud systems still more efficient. You can get useful IT tips on how to use them on the Internet as well as by reading this article.

Salesforce as the Best Cloud CRM Solution


Therefore, what is Salesforce? It is a CRM solution or cloud computing service which is used to bring businesses and customers together. With its help, a company can also establish and maintain better connections with their partners and target audiences.

To use this platform, the business needs to find an experienced salesforce developer to be on the safe side about any failures, changes, challenges, and innovations. Explore our article for more information on how could you find salesforce experts with Mobilunity.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about using the salesforce platform and its advantages. You can also contact salesforce consultants in case you need some additional support.

Every salesforce developer understands the advantages of this integrated CRM platform. It is sure to improve marketing, customer service, IT support, sales, and commerce. Among the most obvious pros of the platform, we can mention the following ones:

  • the marketing process becomes more targeted and personalized;
  • new customers are professionally attracted by means of research for their requirements and concerns;
  • the software helps to deliver the most amazing shopping experiences to customers;
  • it allows immediate client support and response to their issues on any communication channel;
  • while appropriately used, the platform builds custom apps to automate many hard and time-consuming tasks.

7 Strengths Leading to Success


(according to The Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 2019)

So, what or who is Gartner? It is an IT consulting firm that globally provides tools, advice, and information for businesses in various fields, such as HR, finance, legal and compliance, IT, customer service and support, sales, supply chains, etc.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a consistent marketing research methodology applied for a specific market. It allows receiving a wide-angle vision of the similar positions of IT providing competitors on the market. By applying this method, the position of the competing technology providers and their perspectives on the market are evaluated.

In its Report 2019, Gartner, Inc. named the Salesforce CRM system a leader among Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP). Among the strengths of the Salesforce cloud software enlisted in the Report, it is worth mentioning the following ones:

  1. The native AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the core of this commercial platform.
  2. The Customers and users’ experiences are personalized across the Web, social networks, and mobiles meeting the needs of consumers including B2C and B2B commerce functionality.
  3. Commerce capabilities can be delivered internationally across numerous industries and business models.
  4. The Salesforce marketing cloud platform can support large volumes of transactions and high levels of GMV revenues.
  5. Sales and support services can be provided both directly and by a specific ecosystem functioning as an application, service providing, and partner integration means.
  6. The software can provide additional functionality that can integrate with the core commercial platform.
  7. Constant technology updates, innovation implementations, new products, and functions, inside and outside investments to the core digital platform support successful business operations.

Why a Business Should Transfer to Salesforce


According to the experienced developer, Salesforce is the best CRM option to transfer to from any outdated CRM platform. Salesforce which was launched in 1999 is the leading software for more than 100,000 companies all over the world. And its price is quite affordable for any business.

Of course, there is a need for a Salesforce developer certification if you want everything to work smoothly for your business. However, the process of Salesforce data migration is not too complicated because of the great capability and functionality of this cloud software.

There are many reasons for such a migration. Let’s consider just some of them:

  1. Salesforce will help your business to get together essential leads by accessing the most up-to-date customers’ contact information automatically.
  2. Marketing and sales tasks can also be set up on autopilot allowing your reps and other employees to concentrate on deals.
  3. The system helps to view the company’s prospects on the base of activity history, internal account discussions, and customer interactions, as well as to collect the details about the sales managers’ deals in one file to forecast future sales.
  4. The easy interface helps to enhance productivity using the Process Builder to create and automate any business process at various sales stages.
  5. The Mobile App allows recording calls and checking the dashboards while email integration makes it possible to sync all the contacts and events with the planned tasks.
  6. As for the Salesforce developer console, it allows making reports and dashboards easily and quickly, as well as observing the entire business processes to take action if necessary.
  7. The Salesforce developer’s salary can depend on the efficiency of designing sales territories and mapping sales managers to their clients in no time. Not much effort is needed to find out the alternative options, new hierarchies and territory assignments to help increase sales.


All in all, the Salesforce software functionality extends far beyond any traditional CRM platform. Its growing wide-world popularity is the best testament to its great applicability and efficiency.

All the recognized advantages and brand-new technological updates speak for this choice. The implementation of this system as it was highlighted in the Gartner Report 2019 will lead any company to a significant advance in terms of its working process optimization and operational efficiency. It means that this amazing cloud software system will help any business to grow and flourish. The time has come to transfer to cloud CRM options.

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