What is Offshore Software Development? A Brief Guide Why to Choose It?

Whenever you come across the term offshore software development, you must remember the concept of outsourcing. In the technical jargon, offshore is generally referred to as outsourcing your work to another organization or a freelancer and get the operation done by them.

Typically, most of the businesses have a stereotypical notion about outsourcing. They believe that although less cost is expended in offshore software development, there is a significant amount of risk when it comes to considering the Return of Investment (ROI). However, this is not true; read on this article to have an in-depth insight to Offshore Software Development and understand its benefits as well.

What do you understand by Offshore Software Development?

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Offshore Software Development means outsourcing the software development needs of your company to a third-party developer or agency. The services included in offshore software development are –web application development, web development, mobile application development, etc. Usually, outsourcing is done to a company located in a foreign country. The different ways included in outsourcing could be:

  • To an agency or any individual developer
  • Hiring a team of developers who are dedicated to their work
  • Delegating the entire project or only certain features or parts to the third-party developer

Many developers have hired professionals such as the Bizop team that possess expertise in several fields, including:

  • Unity 3D developer
  • Motion graphic designers
  • 3D model artist
  • UI/UX designer

A single developer cannot possess knowledge in all of the fields, as mentioned above. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to delegate your work to a third-party developer instead of hiring one particular software developer for your company. Due to this, Offshore Software Development is so much in demand.
Why should you Choose Offshore Software Development?

There are several benefits of delegating your software development work to a third-party agency or company for that matter. We have managed to list some of the significant advantages of Offshore Software Development.

1. Rest assured about the quality

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The quality of the software developed by any of the offshore developers are mostly satisfying and inspirational as well in all the aspects. If you want A-grade quality of software, you should delegate your work to some offshore developers who are reliable and preferable.

2. Time of implementation is apt

This goes without saying that when you entrust your task to any of the third-party developers, you are going to receive an adequate commitment and the work shall be delivered to you on-time.

Almost all the offshore software development companies are entirely dedicated to their work and are very serious about deploying their products to their respective customers as they have a reputation to keep up with. They generally aim at delivering the work before time; as the implementing or deploying time increases the preference of the company among the seekers.

3. Skillset is top-notch

The software developing companies that take up your software developing work more often than not hire all the top-skilled professionals that are highly efficient in their skillset.

All the IT sectors make sure to appoint individuals who have ample knowledge and possess expertise in the languages that are currently in demand for software development and avail to you with top-notch services.

4. Communication skills are excellent

Offshore Software Development companies have a reputation to maintain, and therefore, they aim towards providing you such facilities which will make them stand out from the rest. They make sure to establish proficient communication facilities either through phone calls, email interaction, or through skype calls as well.

They maintain regular touch with the customers and update them with the progress of software development work regularly. Undoubtedly, this is going to serve you with peace of mind and satisfaction in delegating the work. Also, you will have the feeling of resting assured as your work shall be in good hands.

5. Hi-Tech Security Solutions

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One of the very reasons for hiring the renowned offshore software development companies is that they provide you with an unmatched level of security. They are going to sign a legal contract with you and get your work done. Therefore, you can be assured that the security of your website shall not be compromised at any cost.

You are going to receive protection concerned with all the private properties and data. Also, third-party developers will make sure that the software developed is always secured and safe as it is certainly a matter of prestige for you as well as for their agency.

6. Very cost-effective

As we have mentioned earlier, getting your done from an Offshore Software development agency is generally going to cost you low.

Now you must wonder, how can that be possible? Well, let us tell you that these offshore software development companies are usually located in areas that have a low cost of living, and thus, the services provided by them are efficient while being very affordable.


While these are the benefits of hiring an offshore software development company, how it can be beneficial for your business, it all depends on the company you choose. Choosing a random offshore software development company can make your time and money go waste.

Hence, before you finalize your decision, it is crucial to check out the company experience, expertise, knowledge, etc. If you’re looking for an offshore software development company, then Saigon Technology can turn out to be the best option. For more information, check out the Saigon Technology website and talk to the experts to discuss your project requirements now.

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