How Technology Has Changed the Immigration Process In 2024

Immigration is the process that occurs when a person moves to another country that is not native to their own when a person decides to go to another country whether to become a permanent member or just temporarily they must go through immigration.

Immigration is the process that all countries use to determine if the person that is attempting to come into the country is not an outlaw or coming into the country illegally.

The process of immigration has been around since people started to move to other countries for business or pleasure.

Although the method that was previously used have now been replaced with the modern and interconnected system, the process still takes place with every passenger that attempts to travel into other countries.

The immigration process has been in place ever since the United Nations made it mandatory for every citizen in every country to have a passport.

Ever since the use of passports have become mandatory, the immigration process has become more efficient than it has ever been before, and many people have started to use immigration lawyers from to improve their immigration experience.

Technology has been a major part of the change that has occurred to the system. Let’s look at a few ways how the immigration process has changed with the introduction of technology.

Centralized System


Today most of the world that allows people to and from their country uses the approximate same system that is governed by the United Nations to ensure that every country shares a similar system in their immigration system. The main advantage of this system is that it has created a centralized system to monitor any unusual activity with regards to the entire system.

If you have looked at your passport recently you will see that there is a barcode that exists on the passport that allows the immigration system to scan it and identify the passport and the person it is appointed to, scanning the passport will give the entire information of the user and if there are any disturbances regarding the user than the system will prompt the system user and they can take the appropriate measures depending on the problem that has occurred.

That barcode will also allow the system to get the image of the passport user and the system user will allow the person to identify manually or using artificial intelligence the person that the passport has been allotted to.

Image Processing

Image processing has recently been added as a new security measure to ensure that no illegal person gets into the country without the approval of the countries law.

The new system works based on artificial intelligence. When the person enters the booth, the system is prompted to capture the image of the user and then the barcode that is on the passport is scanned. The system then compares the image that is in the system to the image that has just been captured.

If the user has no prior criminal records and if everything checks out with the database then the user is permitted to enter the country otherwise the issues are handled manually with other officers.

Fingerprint and Security Checks


Every person that wants to enter the country is first asked to enter their fingerprints into the system to ensure that the citizen does not have any prior criminal or otherwise issues with the government. The fingerprint is then compared to the central database which returns if the user has any prior felonies or not.

After everything checks out then the person is granted permission to enter the country they are willing to enter.
This system has been around for the past few years and it has drastically reduced the number of illegal persons that enter the country.

The centralized system is maintained with every country and the system ensures that every person that should not be allowed to enter any other country is stopped at the entry point.

Medical Screening

As you may have heard regarding the latest coronavirus issue that has been plaguing china. Many countries have introduced an emergency protocol where each person that is traveling from one place to another, is checked for any medical problems they might have.

This process is currently being used in many countries, to ensure that no amount of the virus reaches any other country.

After landing on the airport the passengers are scanned inside the plane before any passengers leave the plane. This ensures that if there is a contamination that takes place, it stays in the plane itself. They use a scanner that is specifically designed for identifying the coronavirus.

After each passenger including the staff has been scanned and deemed clear the plane is allowed to be boarded and passengers are allowed to leave the plane.

If there is even a single patient that is found to be infected with the virus the entire plane is quarantined to ensure that the virus does not spread onto the arriving country.

This simple procedure has been proven to be quite effective in stopping the virus from spreading all around the world.

The Future of Immigration


Since most of the world has shifted to an online platform, the immigration process has also shifted to the online and could platform. More and more systems are emerging day by day and it is improving the immigration system.

The future of the immigration system lies in the approach of using a more strict system to check the background of the person before allowing him to enter the country

. Also, there needs to be an immigration system that needs to be taken into both ends of the traveling to ensure that the person that enters from one end is the same person that leaves at the other end.

Wrapping It Up

Every day new technologies are being created to enhance the experience of the user whether he is flying for a few days or flying to another country for shifting there.

The system needs to change in such a way that makes the traveling of the customer much easier and hassle-free to ensure that more people are encouraged to travel freely.

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