Latest Trends Cloud Computing – 2024 Overview

A not long time ago, cloud computing was considered as the latest technology fad. Different experts from this field had different opinions about it. For example, a huge number of them would tell you that this technology is good for generating a lot of buzzes. Still, you can find a group of them that was unsatisfied with the technology.

They believe that it was offering a little practical value.

Well, many of you would agree with this statement for a couple of years. However, things have changed a lot. Today, the cloud is widely acknowledged by companies and analysts. It is also significantly altering the entire IT industry. This includes different things from how data centers are built to how software is deployed.
Indeed, the IT sector plays a vital role in today’s business world. Because of that, cloud computing has even bigger importance. It changes the way of how the companies work. It doesn’t matter how big the company is.

Even the small startups are now using a wide range of different cloud-based software solutions.

We would not be able to analyze all the things associated with cloud computing in this article. We will cover only one part. Yet, as we said, the cloud platforms and cloud-based software bring many benefits to today’s businesses. For example, they reduce some costs and gain better visibility.

Anyway, many blogs like actively publish the most relevant cloud industry topics. Because of that, we suggest you visit their website. Here, you will find out the latest trends associated with cloud computing.

Let’s get started.

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The Adoption of Cloud Computing Will Continue to Improve

Well, it is already clear that cloud computing is not a basic new thing that won’t remain popular among entrepreneurs. It is something much more. We like to say that cloud-based software and other stuff is some sort of revolution. Despite that, we also like to say that clouds and cryptocurrencies will completely change the world. Because of that, it had some dramatic growth of popularity in a previous couple of years.

Anyway, it will maybe sound unbelievable, but more than 25% of companies are using cloud-based programs. Additionally, more than 10% of them plan to expand the usage of this amazing invention.

Let’s translate this growth into money. Believe it or not, in 2008 the revenue of cloud services from all parts of the world was around 46.4 billion dollars. Only 5 years later, the earnings of this industry were around $150 billion. This is enough proof that this company is one of the preferred technology deployment models around the world.

Source: BestTechie

Mobile Devices Are the Future

It is hard to find a person in today’s world that does not have a smartphone or tablet. There are many reasons why smartphones became so popular. The main reason is probably portability. You can bring them everywhere in your pocket and enjoy the benefits of the Internet. Indeed, social media have changed the way of communication completely. Still, they have also changed the way how businesses function.

First of all, the employees of today have the chance now to work on their smartphones in different locations. That demand of mobile workforce for flexibility is one of the key reasons why cloud computing achieved growth. In literally every moment, they can access cloud-based apps. They no longer need to go to their office and turn on their computer to access the app and complete tasks.

Many workers consider this option ideal. Logically, business owners have to adapt to this situation. Many of the already did, while others will do that soon.

Mobile-friendly cloud computing is bringing many benefits to businesses. More precisely, employees are becoming more productive when they work under these conditions.

Source: A Passion for Research

The Cloud Will Become Popular around the World

Indeed, cloud computing already became a global trend. You can find companies located in all parts of the world using these programs. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are equally popular in every country around the globe. For example, countries with better economic stability tend to use them more. This includes countries like the USA, China, UK, etc. Yet, that doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future.

First of all, this type of program will continue to evolve. That means it will allow an even better quality of communication and collaboration across organizations of different sizes. In other words, different systems will have the chance to operate seamlessly across multiple locations. They will also provide local capabilities like multi-language interfaces and multi-currency financial tools.

Well, this will open many doors to companies from all parts of the world. Logically, the demand of workers for cloud-based programs will grow as well. That’s why it is expected that the cloud will become equally popular in all parts of the planet Earth.

Source: ScienceSoft

Social Tools Will Increase Collaboration to the Cloud

As we already concluded together, the cloud-based apps are more flexible than traditional on-site software. However, that is not the only benefit of this tool. Cloud platforms are a more traditional tool as well.

So, why is this benefit so important for many entrepreneurs around the world?

The reason for that is simple. Today, consumers expect from companies to have more social tools. This includes things such as micro-blogging and chat. These tools will improve collaboration and communication between consumers and suppliers.

The influence of some traditional communication tools (like e-mail) still exists. Yet, people are turning to more modern models of communication. They would want to use them for communication not only with employees. It is also important to them that they can communicate with other customers as well. They do that because they need social proof that you truly a company that deserves their attention.

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We gave you 4 latest trends associated with cloud computing. These trends allow us to predict the improvement of the popularity of cloud platforms in the future. However, we are not here to claim anything. Our only recommendation is to get informed better about this technology. Sooner or later, we will find out if this is the future of the business world. There are many reasons why we should believe in that.

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