Is Smart Furniture the Next Big Thing?

We are witnessing that technology even bigger influence on our lives by the day. The percentage of our life where technology is not present is getting smaller every day. Practically, we are depending on it for our family life, businesses, social interaction, etc. One of the areas that are heavily influenced is home technology. Surprisingly, it looks like this is the least popular of all of them since we don’t have too much talk about it. On the other hand, reality tells the whole another story. More and more homes are buying some pieces of smart furniture for their homes.

We can say that it doesn’t surprise us that with the recent growth of smart home technology, smart furniture is the least talked about of them all. We are pretty certain that this is the future of homes. While home furniture, integrated with technology, can be as stylish as the casual one, so there should not be any worry for that side of the story. At the same time, you could be provided with some of the benefits when it comes to convenience and productivity. This is something that is exciting the potential customers. In order to provide you a further insight into the whole concept of smart furniture and some of the most popular products, you can find on the market.

The Invisible Technology

As you probably know, there is no denying that the furniture industry is one of the most stagnant ones. Naturally, the whole concept reinvented itself numerous times, so we can understand that people feeling a little uncertain. Also, styles shifted countless times, especially in the last decade. However, we can agree that the furniture hasn’t changed too much for centuries. It was so rigid that even technology couldn’t change it until recently.

Today, we can see that some standards have been developed and the line between two terms, furniture and technology, slowly starts to blur over time. The reason is that homes are beginning to adapt to our needs and the change in our lifestyles. We can totally agree with this statement. We’ve noticed that furniture has started to make a slow shift to invisible technology.  This means that one piece of furniture can provide you numerous benefits even we though can see any cable or some other thing that connects two devices.

Now, we are going to talk about some products that are extremely popular among smart furniture.

Speaker Tables


Speaker tables are one of the most popular things nowadays. Naturally, the main idea behind was the idea of comfortable living by combining things essential for everyday life and entertaining elements. The product is exactly what you thought of when you heard the term “Speaker Tables”. By combining these two things, you can be certain that you will have more available space. Plus, this is an infinitely more enjoyable thing with Bluetooth built-in functionalities. With one of these, you will have the opportunity to play music from almost every device you would like. If you are interested in seeing some of these, check

Built-in TV

Source: Pinterest

Today, we can see that a wide array of furniture items is coming with a built-in TV. This type of product is one the market for a good number of years. This resulted in them becoming pretty common. By the looks of it, they are going to be even more popular in the future. Some of those built-in televisions are equipped with Blu-ray Disc players. Moreover, built-in televisions can be found in some of the most unexpected pieces of furniture, like countertops. In this case, it makes it possible for you to watch your favorite tv show while preparing dinner. Furthermore, since every smart tv is connected to the internet, you can surf and look for some instructional videos or online recipes.

Smart Safe


The reality of today requires us to finding some modern solutions when it comes to keeping or valuables safe. We think that the best one by far is smart safe. It is as safe as the casual ones who are hidden in some of the corners of your house. Moreover, they are designed to look like any other item that you could have in your home and can deceive any potential threat. These devices have a smart locking that will give you immediate access. All of the items are accessible through facial recognition, Bluetooth, RFID, etc. They are Bluetooth enabled, and they can open only by using your smartphone. Plus, you can customize the level of security from Android or the iOS app.

Hidden Cables in Furniture

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While there are some of the pieces of furniture that have their own supply of electricity, there are many of them who are functioning with hidden cable functionality. Cables are hidden in drawers and other parts of furniture, so they will not limit your leg’s movement. This gives you the possibility of charging your smartphone while you are relaxing on your couch. Everyone is agreeing that this is one of the things that we miss the most.

Overbed Table

Source: bizzoelife

Overbed tables are going to provide you with an opportunity to enjoy your bed like never before. This is totally next level we are talking about here. With one of these you are turning your bed into an office or a second living room. These are multi-functional that will allow you to do many more things that you could ever imagine with your bed. You can read, or use a laptop, with much-needed comfort.

The Conclusion

We’ve provided you with an insight into the world of smart furniture. Plus, we’ve presented you with some of the most popular items of this kind. With our way of life constantly changing, we surely need to adapt ourselves. So, when someone asks if smart furniture is the next big thing, we say, definitely yes.

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