Top 10 Celebrities Parents and Children at the Same Age

Parents and children look like one another. This phenomenon is common for all people, and so is for celebrities. Some of them even look identical when you see pictures of them taken at the same age. Of course, this is logical, as they share genetic material, but quite interesting nonetheless.

Here is our list of celeb parents and children photographed at the same age.

1. Prince William and Princess Diana at Age 36

Source: Pinterest

Like mother like son – similarity between Duke of Cambridge and his mother, beloved Princess Diana is incredible. She lived a short but happy life and was one of the most significant influencers in this century. She loved children, so she worked for a while as a teacher in playschool before Prince Charles married her. Her elder son, William, inherited her facial features.

2. Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood at Age 30

Source: Pinterest

Having a look at the photo of Scott and Clint, when they are both 30, you understand that blood is not water. Besides their physical similarity, they have similar body language too. Scott inherited not only his father’s look but his acting talent also; therefore, he chose the film industry as a profession. However, he gets involved in the fashion world from time to time and poses for various fashion brands like Hugo Boss or Davidoff.

3. Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones at Age 30

Source: Instagram

It’s not only that sons look like their mother. With this beautiful duo between mother and daughter, we can see a considerable resemblance. Besides, they are both skilled and successful. Peggy spent her working career acting, modeling, and singing. She was one of the favorite TV blondies back in days. Her daughter built a professional career as well as a writer and actress. She did inherit some scene skills from her mother. Rashida was chasing her education at Harvard in 1997. Today, she is 43 years old.

4. P.Diddy and Jessie James Combs, D’Lila Star Combs at Age 11

Source: Instagram

P.Diddy is one of the most significant rap icons of all time. He is a super talented rap music performer and lyrics writer. He earned fortune throughout his career, and today he is the owner of a couple of restaurants, film production house, and two fashion lines. Famous rapper is a father of six children, but his twins, Jessie and Dalila, are a copy of his image at the age of 11.

5. Kim Basinger and Irene Baldwin at ’20s

Source: Instagram

Kim Basinger was one of the most beautiful women on TV screens back in days. She is a talented actress who starred in numerous movies. Her daughter looks like her very much in her 20’s with milky tan, bright eyes, blonde hair, and full lips. Besides, she inherited scene talent from her mother, but as a model. She builds professional career thanks to her exceptional beauty and height.

6. Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks at Age 25

Source: Getty

Tom Hanks and his son look literally like twins on this photo at their 25. The similarity between father and son is incredible. Tom is one of the most famous actors in the world with exceptional talent. He earned the biggest fame with legendary movies such as “Saving Private Ryan,” “Forest Gump,” and “Cast Away.” He got many awards for his work and has many years coming for more. His son stepped into the film industry too, and he would like to be famous like his father one day.

7. Bruce Willis and Rumer Willis at Age 18

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The similarity of Rumer and her father Bruce is more than evident in this photo at the age of 18. Besides her look, she inherited acting talent from her dad, and he was preparing her for that call since she was a child. Young Rumer already built a career as an actress, starring in numerous TV shows. We wish her all luck to be equally successful in the film industry as Bruce, who dedicated his life work to the movie scene.

8. Grace Kelly and Camille Gottlieb at Age 20

Source: Pinterest

This is an incredible resemblance between grandmother and granddaughter. Young Camille inherited all beautiful facial features from the famous Grace Kelly, who was an American actress. She was well-known as a princess, too, as she got married to the prince of Monaco Rainer III. Her granddaughter is equally sophisticated, elegant, and graceful as she was in her 20’s. Young Camille is an animal lover, and she likes traveling.

9. Johnny Depp and Lily Rose

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Like father like daughter – the similarity between Jonny and his daughter is undeniable. Besides the good look, young Lily Rose inherited acting talent from her father; therefore, she works in the film industry and as a model. She is fluent in English and French language. Lily built fortune already, and she has an estimated net worth around $1 million, while her father has $400 million.

10. Joe Jackson and Paris Jackson at Age 20

Source: Pinterest

There is a considerable resemblance between Paris and her grandfather in this photo. The daughter of the greatest pop icon has been through peaks and valleys throughout her life due to the divorce of parents and loss of father. She is working hard on her acting career.

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