Demi Rose Can Still Make Your Jaw Drop Even in This Simple T-Shirt

Demi Rose never stops stunning her 13 million fans on Instagram. She is regularly posting provocative and teasing images of herself and her fantastic body. However, when you hear that she had posted a photo wearing a simple T-shirt you think that there is nothing teasing to it.

Well, think again. In the brand new image on her social media, the model is wearing a plain black T-shirt. But that is it. Apart from makeup and that, the model is lying on the bed, smiling into the camera with her hands in her hair. Her amazing tanned legs are in the shot too, and they are making this whole image as exciting as it is.

We are in love with this whole new side of Demi Rose, and just like her many followers, we can’t get enough of her.

Here is some more beautiful sight for you today.

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