4 Fun Facts About George Clooney

George Clooney has been Hollywood royalty since the turn of the millennium, when he shot onto the A-list with leading roles in The Perfect Storm, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and also the massive Ocean’s Eleven franchise. The now sixty-one-year-old has gone on to be, not just an accomplished actor, but also a respected director, producer, and screenwriter, not forgetting that he’s also made many positive waves with his political and economic activism.

It’s fair to say that Mr Clooney has lived a captivating existence so far, and his rich and exciting life has kicked up some incredibly interesting tidbits for his legion of fans to know.

Let’s take a look then, at some fun facts about the man whose nickname is ‘Gorgeous George’.

1. He’s Related To One of the Most Famous Presidents

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It might seem like Clooney is one of those people that just has that star quality, almost as if it was in his blood. Well, it turns out that this could very much be true, as he is the son of the famous journalist and TV host, Nick Clooney, who hosted game shows in the 70’s such as The Money Maze. His mother, Nina Warren, is also a former beauty pageant contestant, and that is actually where his parents met, as Nick Clooney was judging one of the competitions she entered.

That’s not the only celebrity relations he has though, as his aunt, Rosemary Clooney, was also a renowned singer and actress, with her most famous role coming in the classic 1954 movie, White Christmas. Perhaps most staggeringly, website Ancestry.com revealed back in 2012, that George Clooney is the half-first cousin, five times removed, of President Abraham Lincoln. No wonder he seems so made for the silver screen.

2. He Was First Known As A TV Star

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Despite now being one of the most renowned Hollywood actors around, and one whose name instantly lifts the excitement about an upcoming production, Clooney didn’t actually become known for his work in movies until relatively late in his career.

Sure, he had appeared in films in his younger days, but they were mostly meagre titles, and so were mainly ignored. Probably the best example of this is 1988’s schlocky Return of the Killer Tomatoes, which was panned by both viewers and critics, as can be seen, rather fittingly, over on its Rotten Tomatoes page.

He, instead, found fame on the small screen, with his performance as Dr. Doug Ross in the NBC medical drama ER, catapulting him into the American zeitgeist. He played the heartthrob role from the show’s inception in 1994, to partway through the fifth season in 1999. Whilst fans were devastated to see him leave, Clooney did return to the show on two more occasions.

Firstly, for the sixth season episode ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’, and then in the fifteenth and final season of the show, for an episode called ‘Old Times’.

3. He Knows How to Unwind

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For someone who’s achieved so much professionally, you’d think that Clooney would be a complete workaholic who doesn’t know how to enjoy himself. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as the star has instead garnered himself a well-earned reputation throughout the years for being someone who revels in letting off steam.

Amongst his preferred methods for unwinding are throwing lavish dinner parties for his nearest and dearest, including one where he gave fourteen of his best friends a million dollars each for turning up. Now that’s the kind of friend everyone needs.

He’s also a big fan of gambling, with him being known to frequent many casinos back in the day, and also enjoying playing poker with his co-stars and crew throughout movie shoots. He even was reportedly looking to open his own Las Vegas casino, called the Las Ramblas Resort. He and nightclub developer, Rande Gerber, had signed on to the project back in 2005, but unfortunately it didn’t end up past the planning stage.

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4. He Had A Pet Pig As A Sidekick

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Clooney is a massive animal lover, and he loved one massive animal the most; his former pet pig. Named Max, this huge pot-bellied pig, was the trusted sidekick of the star for eighteen years, and the celebrity media went on to describe the pair as inseparable. He travelled with him on planes, even having a trip on John Travolta’s private jet, came with him to hotels, could be seen wandering around on film sets, and even was rumoured to be the reason two romantic relationships ended, as they wanted George to get rid of his beloved hog. He stayed loyal to Max though, until the pig’s unfortunate passing away in late 2006.

Despite being asked many times in the years since if he was ever going to replace Max, Clooney has remained adamant that his pig owning days are behind him. It could be because he now has a new sidekick in his life, his wife Amal, who he married in 2014. Despite being certain he was never going to marry again, George apparently fell head over heels for the barrister, who specializes in international law and human rights, when they met in 2013. They now have two children together, and look set for many more years of happiness, and we certainly hope they won’t become another Hollywood divorce that manages to turn really ugly, like the five most infamous ones we wrote about previously here at Ocean Up.

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